I am new to the program, and have been extremely frustrated by the lack of a printed manual. I like Blitz3d, but can’t learn all of the time by sitting in front of the . Families Workshop Manual Blitz3d Espanol pdf Revit Family Parameters /. You want to know where the Revit Structure 4 Metric. – REVIT. – Electrical Power. Project Release Date: July. 1, 9 sequential ‘Project. Manual Blitz3d. Espanol pdf Revit Family.

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I am new to the program, and have been extremely frustrated by the lack of a printed manual. I like Blitz3d, but can’t learn all of the time by sitting in front of the PC.

The main problem is that the file is about 11MB, and I only have 10MB of web storage space available to me. So basically, if you have more space than that, give me a holler and I’d be happy to email you the PDF so that you can post it on your site: I hope that someone does this, because I’m anticipating a TON of emails Note- I have given the PDF a once-over, and it looks pretty complete, but I cannot guarantee that it is.

I took 4 “levels” of clicking from the basic manual page, which includes 2D and 3D in both category and alphabetical listing. It is a whopping pages!!!


Good luck, and happy programming!!! I zipped the PDF, and it is roughly 3. I’m going to hop onto my ISP’s site designer and try to get something running.

Still feel free to email if you want to grab the PDF! It’s bare, but it works. I tend to do that alot.

Blitz3d Manual

Maybe you edited befor i could see? There are so many commands available that I thought it was useful to have at least some base to work from.

Anyhow, it’s up to everyone to judge how useful it is. I don’t claim to have any great solutions. I just wanted to get something that could be printed away from being inside of the program. Also, take a look at the many code demos provided, as well as the huge amount in the code archives. Write a few demos of your own to get to grips with how things work. Welcome to the Blitz community!

Blitz3D Legacy Files

Um, these are the online docs. George has just downloaded them and turned them into a PDF so people can print them out and read them offline. Well, I’d honestly rather have something that is outdated than spend hours within the program trying to figure out what is going on.

I couldn’t agree more. We have 2 finished selling products and close to finishing a massive game 4 years in development without a printed manual.


Blitz3D Legacy Files by skid

Try all the included sample projects, then start doing your own stuff. After 4 years of using Blitz and having written around 40, lines of code in it we are starting to think that we are not beginners anymore however I still ask dumb questions every few days and get helpful answers cos there is always a ‘specialist’ hanging around willing to share their knowledge.

I full endorse the fact that the forums and Blitz community is the most helpful resource there is — far better than dry manuals. The Blitz3D manual is hopelessly out of date. It’s not as elegant as having a professionally formatted version, but for people who’d like to have printed material available for reference and many people have expressed just such a desireit’s certainly handy, and it’s as up-to-date as the Blitz3D docs get.

Maybe he was at first, but not if he’s suggesting George should “browse through the online docs”. Need some red bull or something, i am falling asleep as i write this anyway george i will take a look at them.

Who is wrong here and who is right? Its not me i know that.

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