Adharam Madhuram Vadanam Madhuram Nayanam Madhuram Hasitam Madhuram | Hrdayam Madhuram Gamanam Madhuram Madhura-Adhipater- Akhilam. Reciting the holy Madhurashtakam stotram on a regular basis is a गोपी मधुरा लीला मधुरा युक्तं मधुरं मुक्तं मधुरम् ।. The Madhurāṣṭakam (Sanskrit: मधुराष्टकम्) is a Sanskrit composition in devotion of . गुञ्जा मधुरा, guñjā madhurā, (His) gunja-berry necklace is sweet. माला मधुरा, mālā madhurā, (His) flower garland is sweet. यमुना.

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Composed by Sri Vallabhacharya in A.

D, the Madhurashtakam is a stotra that describes the sweetness of the great Lord Krishna whose influence is spread across the world. Worshipping and pleasing Lord Krishna can bring beauty, wealth and prosperity in life. Madhurashtakam was originally written in Sanskrit and is easy to understand.


Madhurashtakam – In sanskrit with meaning

Lord Krishna is described to be the master of sweetness through this hymn. According to the Hindu mythology, reciting the holy Madhurashtakam stotram on a regular basis is a powerful and effective way to please Lord Krishna and acquire his blessings.

If a devotee chants the stotram daily in the early morning after taking bath and in front of the picture or idol of Lord Krishna, he can expect the best results. It is necessary that you understand the pronunciation and meaning of each verse before starting the recitation to maximize the effect.

Sri Madhura Ashtakam- Sri Vishnu Nithya Parayanam – Maalola Kannan

Regular recitation of Madhurashtakam gives the chanter peace of mind and keeps all the evil away from his life. The person becomes healthywealthy and prosperous.

This hymn sings the glory and personification of the beauty of Madhurw Krishna and describes his avatar and characteristics as a boy. Madhurashtakam intends to explain that a devotee is fascinated by the existence of the Lord and not just his beautiful form.


Madhurashtakam Meaning & Benefits – Experience Divine Bliss – (Adharam Madhuram)

His moves, pastimes, plays and other features are described and personified in this hymn. Your email address will not be published.

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