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Innovative operating theatre – innovative technologies

Available on the App Store. Operation theatres are not often equipped with a ceiling-mounted laminar flow, which frequently requires modernization of the hospital installations, usually connected with architectural and financial obstacles. That is not tantamount to an inability to provide sterile air in the operating field. It is possible thanks to mobile laminar air flows equipped with absolute HEPA filters. Such devices can be integrated with an electric height-adjustable instrument table thus providing ultra-clean air straight on the instruments or implants.

This is how they can be protected from the moment of the their preparation, during transportation to the theatre and throughout the whole course of the surgery guaranteeing 60 times better cleanliness of instruments than in the case of using a standard instrument table [5]. This significantly reduces the unnecessary risk of an accidental infection. Surgeries of that kind, which are an intraoperative combination of laparoscopic and endoscopic techniques gastroscopy, colonoscopyare becoming more and more frequent within the scope of advanced surgery of the alimentary tract.


Combining of the laparoscopic and endoscopic technique is particularly useful in different surgeries i. The operator can divide the image during the surgery in any way he wishes e. New imaging systems are an additional tool which boosts the effectiveness of the surgery. The abovementioned examples of technologies aim at providing an even more effective work in a innovative operating theatre.

They can be supplemented by many other, equally advanced devices e. Positive surgical margin and perioperative complication rates of primary surgical treatments for prostate cancer: Epub Feb Prospective evaluation of short-term impact and recovery of health related quality of life in men undergoing robotic assisted laparoscopic radical prostatectomy versus open radical prostatectomy.

Epub Jul 16 5.

Rendevousverfahren im Bereich des Osophaugs. Laparoscopic resection of submucosal gastric tumors. Surg Today ; All rights reserved by Medical Problems.


Any use of materials will be severely punished. Medical Problems June How to balance work, life and PR. Innovative komuterowe theatre – Innovative technologies. A Private Point of View.



Innovative operating theatre – innovative technologies: Page 2 of 2 Written by: It is the second decade of the XXI century. Medicine is at an unparalleled level.

Trailblazing surgeries, innovative technologies and excellent specialists are a part of daily work in every OR. Health service has the opportunity to choose the equipment, procedures and possibilities aiming at a full realization of its prime mission which consists in saving human health and life.

The progress which has been made throughout time is one the most spectacular ones in the entire history of medicine.

Sieci – Książki komputerowe, literatura informatyczna

From medieval, seminar operating theatres lit by oil lamps to hi-tech operating theatres with specialized medical equipment integrated in one general system, improving work in a place that demands the greatest concentration in the whole hospital. A highest standard operating theatre means technologies and medical equipment that make the work komputfrowe and give surgeons excellent support in a place where it is absolutely necessary.

Let us look at several examples.

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