Justice Usha Mehra Commission on 22 February submitted its report to on the 16 December Delhi gang-rape incident to the Union. held on were noted and approved by the Commission. Agenda Item No Recommendations of Justice Usha Mehra. Committee Report regarding. headed by Justice Usha Mehra, a retired judge of the Delhi High reviewed various Supreme Court judgments on reservation, reports of the.

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The Constitutional prupose is not limited to Andhra Pradesh and not with reference to only reservations in respect of admission to educational institutions and public employment. Therefore, the representations were mainly from Madiga and its groups only and the Mala groups were denied the comjission of hearing by the Commission. It is a deleberate attempt to show the population of Mala as much less to the population commidsion the Madigas. But, in fact the resolution was only recommending to Government of India to take up mehrx matter in the Parliament in the light of the Supreme Court judgment.

It is also observed that Paky, Moti, Thoti, they accept food and water from all the communities and render their services to all except Mala and Madiga. The observations of the Commission that Madiga is not numerically dominant caste is also fallacious for the reasons that the Commission showed their population as The suggested amendment to Article is itself unconstitutional and against the original intendment of the founding fathers of the Constitution that no subsequent notification shall alter or vary the castes specified in the list which is the spirit of the Constitution cannot be tinkered commissioh by way of an amendment to the Commissuon which is impermissible.

Jaitley said Centre had lowered the fiscal deficit and kept inflation and CAD under check. Or whether the reservations are to be appointed based on the region etc. Law Commission recommended by a majority “swift” abolition of death penalty except in terror-related cases, noting it does not serve the penological goal of deterrence any more than life imprisonment.


The very appointment of Justice Usha Mehra Commission to study sub-classification issue in Andhra Pradesh alone is discriminatory and illegal. Justice Usha Mehra panel may give interim report: Hence, the report is inaccurate and inconsistent with the Census figures. The Malas and its allied castes boycotted the meetings held by the Commission and protested before the Commission during their visits and did not cooperate with the Commission.

The recommendation of the Commission that the State Legislature based on the recommendations of the Judicial Commission, shall indicate specifically as to what percentage of reservation benefits shall be given to which caste, races or tribes of SCs or part of or group within in any caste, races or tribes thereof based on their population ratio implies that the State should appoint another judicial commission to carryout the same exercise before taking any further actionbased on the report.


Thus, quoting Indrashaney’s case for categorization of SCs is untenable. We, on behalf of the Association for Social Action, Andhra Pradesh an intellectual group of Scheduled Caste officers endeavoring for the promotion of Welfare, developement and unity among the Scheduled castes, present the following objections on the report submitted by Justice Usha Mehra Commission on with an appeal to consider the issue in a fair, just, objective and dispassionate manner.

As admitted, that Mala is the largest population in only 8 Districts of Coastal Andhra and Rayalaseema regions. It is a fact that there are still lakhs of SCs children who are not admitted to schools in spite of Sarva Siksha Abhiyan Scheme and there is inadequate enrollment of students at all the levels and when the scholarships are not fully utilized by any District under any scheme, and the dropout rate of Scheduled Castes students, which is alarming.

CSR Compendium Touching lives of many. In respect of Relli, it is stated that they do not take food or water from Mala, Madiga and Paky.

Law Commission recommends abolition of death penalty for all crimes except terrorism 1 Sep, Justice Usha Mehra Commission Report. The opportunities depend upon factors like population, availability of schools, literacy and regional imbalances. Mallu Ravi, State representative at Delhi and Shri.

Further, the Commission visited the places as dictated by the MRPS and the State Government supporting the cause of categorization for political reasons. Justice Mehra Commission’s Report at page No. Hence, the conclusions drawn by the Commission are inaccurate and based on irrelevant and extraneous consideratons.

Justice Usha Mehra Commission Submitted its Report to the Union Government of India

The information furnished is one-sided and in many cases they are cooked up and fabricated to prove its point of view. In respect of Arundhatiya, a satellite community of the Madiga, it is observed that this community do not accept food and water from the Mala, Dakkala, Pichchiguntala etc. A demand from a community to categorise and to divide the SCs, is against the National Unity and Integrity reeport any attempt to divide or to classify, will have its ramifications in the entire country and in every State and Union Territories causing dissentions and disturbances and tension every where.

Justice Mehra Commission was only asked to examine the various facets of the demand for sub-categorisation of SCs.

The report of the Justice Usha Mehra Commission is perfunctory and incomplete as there was no basis on which particularly with reference to each caste were obtained and its authunticity is doubtful as there was no mention in the census format about sub-caste details. The Commission’s effort to unduly favour the Madigas by quoting the speeches of the Dr.



The report of the Usha mehra Commission is in effect pari materia of Justice Ramachandra Raju’s Commission which was rejected by the National Commission and also by the Iustice High Court as un acceptable. Muniswamy pillai is out of context and the Commission ignored the very fact that the test for inclusion in the list of SCs is extreme social, educational and economic commision arising out of traditional practice of untouchability. Cops didn’t delay, says victim’s friend now 23 Feb, The report of the Commission is beyond its terms of reference with an anxiety to show that a particular community, Mala, occupied more posts.

It was not suggested to categorise the SCs. The National Commission for Scheduled Castes is a Constitutional authority to investigate jusitce to inquire in to complaints with mhra to the deprivation of rights and safe guards of the SCs and to submit a report which will be laid before Legislature of the State or before the Parliament as the case may be for taking appropriate action not withstanding anything contained in any other Law.

Justice Usha Mehra Commission Submitted its Report to the Union Government of India

The Commission except reiterating the guidelines issued by the Governent about the implementation of the Special Component Plan never bothered to review the implementation of the programme and failed to verify the diversion of funds made by the successive Governments in implementing the programmes. For instance, in A. The Scheduled Castes classification is not a definite matter of public importance for appointment of a Commission under the Commissions of Inquiry Act The observations of the Commission relating to Scheduled Caste in Andhra Pradesh are not correct and made with an ulterior motive.

The Home Ministry is likely to reject Law Commission’s recommendation for abolition of death penalty, maintaining that time was not ripe yet to remove it. The very clause suggested by the Commission for amendment is not clear. They are outside the chaturvarna system and all are untouchables. While dealing with Malas, they were also referred to Adi-andhras. It is admitted in the Commission report that Malas are also called as Adi-andhras.

But, for the purpose of population adi-andhras are shown separately.

The Commission’s observation about certain Scheduled Castes are contradictory to each other. Justice Mehra Commission reported the Madiga population as

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