List of Gujarati books by author Doctor Jitendra Adhiya. Buy online books by Prerna Nu Zarnu by Doctor Jitendra Adhiya DVD. Quick View Free Shipping. Books For You offers books For ra Adhia. Author: ra Adhia. Viewing Page 1 of 4. First 1 2 3 4 Last. Dhannu Vavetar (Gujarati). This application is the medium between everyone who wants to change their life in knowledge of Dr Jeetendra Adhia- Mind Trainer, Motivator, Life Guru, Author.

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Doctor Jitendra Adhiya

MargadarshanparSelf Help Publication: Affirmation is repeating positive powerfulwords to ourselves. Conscious Mind can be connected toSubconscious mind by undertaking aninner journey.

Hooks is the most importantdocument in this exercise — and in our life.

Create your own flipbook. Customer Rating Customer Review Filtered by: Powers of Mind Published by aehiya We can use some instrumental soft music in thebackground for the smoothness of this innerjourney. He travels all around theGlobe for this.

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That means we should be alert to identify theright opportunity and take the appropriateactions. Yauvan Ni Prarthna Gujarati In the Vision Board, we should paste thepictures of our goals with dates when wewant achieve it.


If they read it and start usingthe power of their Subconscious Mind, they willbecome adhiga independent and will not rely onanyone. How can we undertake this inner journey? Once the Vision Boardis ready, it should be pasted on the wallof our office or the bedroom, where itis boiks in front of us — working toremind us repeatedly. AlphaState is the most important state in the process.

Because, you have not realized the powerwithin you. Dhanvan to Banvu J Joie English You might have undertaken manyoutside journeys, but I can tell you this isnot only different but perhaps the mostrewarding journey you will ever undertake! You might be eager to know that in whichlanguage we should give commands.

Lokona Man Jitvani Kala You can convert all your dreams into realityby using this power. We do it by Relaxation.

That means we must set our goals in asystemic systematic way. Many people neglect this step and complainthat they are not getting the result.

Man Ane Jivan 3. Visualizationis seeing our future now on our mentalscreen and feeling it as if we have achievedour goal. Once we are clear with our life goals, weshould make a document; we call it aVision Board.


Dr. Jeetendra Adhia Free Download

Subconscious mind works 24 hours a day. Wallis and Futuna Yemen Zambia Zimbabwe. Prayer of Mind Gujarati5.

Subconscious MindNow let see the basic difference betweenthese 2 minds: Set your Goals first Yes friends, the Power — that ofYour Subconscious Mind. To use this Genie, we need to learn, howto awaken this Genie and put it to work.

With little practice you get the masteryover this process. It will show us the result by creating newopportunities and getting help from the rightperson at the right time. MargadarshanparMusic Publication: Adjiya are highly relevant to people of all ages andbackground — starting right from school going kids tobusiness professionals.

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How to choose a life partner?

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