See the chemical composition and physical properties of JIS G Grade FC, find alternative materials, and connect with suppliers. JIS G Gray Iron Castings – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. standard. JIS G GRAY IRON CASTINGS. JIS G 95th Edition, October 20, Complete Document. GRAY IRON CASTINGS. Includes all amendments.

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We’re always thinking about our customers. This has more abrasion resistance and strength which means it has lower thickness sensibility. We suggest that our customers use our new product, which is the best way for you to reduce costs for cast iron.

We have been supplying this new material since It becomes a standard product since We guarantee the actual strength of the products, in order jiw assure the high quality of the cast iron materials.

Regarding the casting materials, a thickness sensibility Mass effect occurs due to materials used, shape and thickness. This shows that, even in one product with differences in thickness, the strength for each unit sectional area varies.


This especially happens with FC materials. Thus, in design, if the actual strength is guaranteed, then unnecessary thickness is eliminated, and this mis large savings in the cost of the products.

JIS G5501-1995 Gray Iron Castings

The FCVP cast iron Whole perarlitic worm graphite iron castings which is our development, and the Spheroidal graphite iron castings have minutely low thickness sensibility. Jks the guarantee of the strength of the products, in addition to the usual methods of quality assurance, we have used new nondestructive testing techniques.

We guarantee the results by our original actual strength assurance system. Please consider using our cast iron materials in order to make your products cost competitive.

JIS-FC250 | Ju Feng Special Steel Co., Ltd.

We’d like to help you. Our best suggestion for reducing casting materials costs.

Our suggestions for the best way for cost reduction concerning cast iron materials Cast Iron Standards Watanabe Foundry Corp. Regarding the mechanical characteristics, the tensile strength is guaranteed to be about 2 to 4 times stronger than regular products. We guarantee this using our original actual strength assurance system.



Because of this, your products at the designing stage will be lighter, and more compact, thus you will be able to conserve resources gg5501 reduce costs significantly. Consider for adoption, if you use our product At the designing stage, you don’t have to use g550 thick substances, thus you are able to slim down the cast iron products.

The cost per unit increases, but because mechanical strength becomes higher, the product can be miniaturized.

Hence, because the weight can can be greatly decreased, also, the total cost can be greatly decreased. By using our cast iron, you can make a large weight reduction in your products using FC materials in you design. Also, you can make parts more compact in your design. Thus you are able to improve your products, by eliminating unnecessary FCD materials. All rights reserved by Iron Casting Association of Yamagata

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