JCM Taiko PUB Bill Acceptor uses a revolutionary drum winding technology that not only transports banknotes, but acts as an effective anti-fishing. AUBURN, Maine, Dec. 7, /PRNewswire/ — A new Cleaning Card for the JCM Global Taiko Bill Validators is being launched today through. JCM TAIKO (PUB โ€“ 7/11). Home ยท Bill validators; JCM TAIKO (PUB โ€“ 7/11).. JCM TAIKO (PUB โ€“ 7/11). Il TAIKO is small, efficient, secure and very easy to use.

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This Manual contains many copyrighted, patented, or properly registered equipment items manufactured by JCM, that are prohibited and illegal to duplicate, replicate, or copy in whole, or in part, without the express authorization by JCM with the following exceptions: When an end user duplicates the Manual to maintain operation of the product or operate the product in general. All other product names mentioned herein may be registered trademarks or trademarks of their respective companies.

A-1 Fault Table Listings A-1 Error Codes and Conditions A-1 Adjustment Fault Conditions A-3 Communication Fault Conditions A-3 Taiko Usage Specifications Part In order to make operation of this device easier and make navigation within this manual simpler, the following illustrations were used within the text: This first section is designed to help you navigate through this guide with ease and provides the following information: Do not use the Acceptor where temperature variations widely fluctuate.

Do not install the Unit into an area where excessive vibration, shock or chemical vapors are present. This equipment is intended for indoor use only.

Be sure that the Host Machine contains enough protection to avoid wet or dusty conditions when installing. Be sure to use in the specified power range and pin assignment. If not, the Unit may be damaged. Do not pull on the power harness to disconnect its connector or damage may occur. Be sure gaiko carry the Unit by both hands when transporting it. Holding the Unit by one hand may cause personal injury if the Unit accidently becomes disassembled and falls apart.

Be careful not to use excessive outside pressure on the Unit, or subject it to excessive vibration during transportation. Do not throw or pound hard on the Unit. Type 1 Do not insert a torn, folded, or wet Banknote, as this action may cause a Banknote jam inside the unit. Type 2 Do not expose the unit to water. The unit contains several precision electronic devices which can be damaged taio water or any liquid is sprayed or spilled into the unit.

The equipment produces improper operating signals while in maintenance mode that may cause personal injury. Be sure to remove power to the Unit when opening the upper or lower lid.

The active Roller may cause personal injury. Careful measures are taken in this product to ensure its quality; however, the following cautions should be read and understood by all users in order to confirm safe operation. Be careful takio foreign objects or dust may intrude atiko Unit when opening the Guide Area.


When closing the Unit, ensure all service door locks click into place. If the Validator section is dirty due to dust, foreign objects or other such debris adhering to it, the Banknote acceptance rate will degrade. Use a soft, lint-free cloth, Cotton swab or Compressed Air spray to clean dust and debris from the Banknote transportation path. Perform cleaning and maintenance regularly when using the equipment in a place where excessive Automobile exhaust emission or Cigarette Smoke may exist.

Be sure that the Guide or individual Unit Sections are properly placed in their correct location following a maintenance procedure. Do not redesign or disassemble the Unit. Do not use any Alcohol, thinner or citrus based products for cleaning any surfaces.

The Lenses can become clouded by chemical effect that may cause acceptance errors. Scanning once or twice is selectable. The acceptance rate can be improved by setting it to scan twice. Banknote Fitness Requirements 1. Banknotes exhibiting the conditions listed below and illustrated in Figure should be avoided: The greatest fishing protection is obtained by selecting the five rotation setting. The required software program can be downloaded from the Palm easily in the field. The following banknote types are excluded: Banknotes with excess or poor magnetism or unclear graphics Double dual Notes Worn, dirty, wet, stained, torn or excessively wrinkled Banknotes Banknotes having folded corners or edges Banknotes taik the wrong cut dimensions or printing displacement Returned Banknotes because of incorrect or failed insertion.

Standard Specification a b c d e Read code interleaved: Wider than 10mm 0. When security measures against counterfeiting are implemented, the software may not fulfill jcmm specified acceptance rate level.

Refer to the Software Information Sheet related to the specific Country’s software. Refer to the Barcode Coupon Specification. Excluded Host communication time lag. Motor Initializing or Motor Lock Up current consumption. Cash Box must be 3. The Communications Harness needs to be prepared by the Customer.

Minimum Width 67mm 76 Type 2: Minimum Width 75mm 71 Type 3: Figure Installing the Taiko Bezel 8.

JCM TAIKO PUB11 Bill Acceptor PUB Direct Distributor |

Set the Bezel in the door hole and attach the two 2 Bezel Brackets to the back side of the Bezel using the two 2 Hexagonal Nuts previously removed See Figure Tightening the Nuts with too much force can damage the Bezel.

The necessary torque is 0. Figure Attaching a Taiko Power Connector 3. When installing a Taiko Unit, or connecting its Harness Plug, be sure power to the harness is disconnected.

Any other power level can damage the Taiko Unit! Ensure that taiiko Taiko Unit body and Bezel are firmly installed and stably fixed to the door before closing the Upper Lid; When closing the Upper Lid, be careful not to get your finger caught under the lid when pressing it closed. When removing a Taiko Unit, perform the reverse procedure as previously described.


When closing the Upper Lid, be careful not to get your finger caught under the Taijo when closing it! The acceptance rate will be improved, but operation time will be increased if a Banknote note is rejected. Anti-Fishing prevention will be improved, but operation time will increase. Re-install the Taiko Unit onto the Bezel by reversing the steps related to, and beginning from Figure on page of this Section.

Insert the Banknote Denomination to be inhibited into the Insertion Slot. Insert next Banknote Denomination to be inhibited until all required values have been processed.

After an initial operation is performed, the LED will flash a number of times equal to the total number of Banknote denominations processed. The default settings are to accept all Denominations of the Specific Country. Select between Pattern 1 or Pattern 2. The default setting is Pattern 1. Insert the Banknote Denomination to be accepted into the Insertion Slot. The Cleaning Card is designed to be used as a supplemental part of a Preventive Maintenance program to help in reducing dirt and Paper dust build-up within a Unit.

This will optimize performance between regular Preventive Maintenance intervals. Do not use Alcohol, thinner or citrus based products taaiko cleaning any surfaces. Directions For Use 1. Remove Cleaning Card from pouch and insert it into the Banknote Validator. The Cleaning Card will be accepted and then automatically returned.

Dispose of used Card in an environmentally safe manner. Remove Power and perform Test No. Apply Power to the Unit. If this information is required, please contact the closest office location listed below: This section contains the following information: Insert the new Bezel Guide into the exciting Bezel and replace and tighten the two 2 mounting screws that bind the Bezel to twiko Bezel Guide.

Tightening the nuts with too much force can damage the Bezel. Reverse Steps 1 to 4 when replacing the Sensor Circuit Board. However, Steps 9, 10 and 11 of this last procedure may be omitted. Insert a small Flatblade Screwdriver or equivalent into the encircled area shown in Figure a. Reverse all or part of the preceding instructions to reassemble any of the components described during this disassembly procedure. The Download Program Ver.

JCM Taiko – Operation and Maintenance Manual Rev 4

Prepare the Conversion Program as follows: The Program Download Jdm shown in Figure will then appear. The Figure PdbConv Ver. When downloading is complete, the Screen will automatically return to the Screen previously shown. Confirm that the File name listed in the download Filename:

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