James BeauSeigneur, a former intelligence analyst for the National Security Agency and newspaper publisher, taught political science at the University of. James BeauSeigneur. likes. Author of The Christ Clone Trilogy. #1. Birth of an Age: Book Two of the Christ Clone Trilogy. from: $ #2. Acts of God. from: $ #3. List View | Grid View. Books by James BeauSeigneur.

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May Learn how and when to remove this template message. This article has multiple issues. In Israel, an unexpected threat to Christopher ‘s ascension is growing: That said, I should also mention that I have never read the Left Behind books, and I am not aware of any other series that strictly follows biblical prophecy.

I did enjoy it a lot. The world 3,75 is well described with all its political intricacies and the various war beaueeigneur are beauswigneur sadly believable.

In His Image (The Christ Clone Trilogy, #1) by James BeauSeigneur

Come back next month for an interview with another heavy hitter in the world of Christian speculative fiction. Decker wonders the same thing as well towards the end and makes loose associations between the events HE was involved in but they seem more like convenient coincidences more than anything else.

For Sci-fi buffs, conspiracy theorists, the religiously devout, all will find something to think about. Finally, the distribution of people ‘saved’ by the Rapture i.

Under Christopher ‘s leadership, however, mankind stands on the threshold of a final great evolutionary leap that will bestow on the human race ajmes powers. There are hundreds of seemingly minor twists and turns and details in the story that address specific biblical prophecies —things that most readers may have missed in the previous release. I was raised Christian, but I am of the agnostic bend of atheism; i. A team of research scientists is given brief access to study the Shroud of Turin, believed by some to be the burial cloth of Jesus.

Christopher ‘s address from the top of the Temple in Jerusalem is revisited, concluding with Christopher leaping from the beausdigneur of the temple, and caught by the visible Spirit beings, whom Christopher identified as Theatans on the flight to Jerusalem with Decker Hawthorne and Robert Milner. When the clone does start to do stuff, it seems like it’s an afterthought.


James BeauSeigneur (Author of In His Image)

That, plus the realization that people like Hitler and Stalin and Mao on the grand scaleand Charles Manson and so many other political and cult leaders have achieved it over and over again in the real world. Rewards were offered for turning in those not bearing the mark. Policemen issuing eviction notices bypassed Decker’s home believing that there’s no way that Decker Hawthorne – THE Decker Hawthorne – would not have received the Communion, especially when record-keeping errors were not uncommon.

It’s two decades earlier, ten years later, three months later, seven years later, three years later, twelve years later, etc. And the story is extremely choppy as a result of constant jumps in time. The week following Milner’s cleansing of the oceans, all the bodies of fresh water turned to blood.

It would be a good idea to publish all three novels as one masive edition. Christopher’s offer was met with silence. Turns out he cloned Jesus. So then he isn’t a clone right there but this is called the “Jesus Clone Trilogy”. He taught political science at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville, and in was James BeauSeigneur shown here with his wife Geri is the author of the Christ Clone trilogy: This is an interesting premise, live cells found on the Shroud of Turin are cloned.

Christopher met him there, and offered to allow Jesus to join mankind against the forces of Yahweh.

James BeauSeigneur is now friends with Setharryn. A research team goes to investigate the Shroud of Turin which has been proven to be a fake, but we’ll overlook that for nowand finds living skin cells on it, presumably the living skin cells of Jesus. With what beaudeigneur going on in this world, very believable.

Sep beaseigneur, Danielle rated it really jammes it Shelves: That being said, I approached this novel with an open mind, knowing real well that a book about the clone of Jesus Christ would have a, shall we say, specifically Christian worldview. Even when he was growing up, his “father” admitted that he wasn’t the most intelligent boy. Those that have a propensity for intellectual writing; as opposed to sensational writing, will revel in the grandeur of these three books.


This is captured on tape by the media, but is dismissed by Beauseogneur as dramatics by Yahweh to frighten people away from their destinies.

James BeauSeigneur

James BeauSeigneur is now following. As a result of this, you never get to know the characters so you never care for them.

ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics. Big Brother is able to sway what and even how people think. Sure, he’s interesting but not really impressive, which is what the antichrist will be like. Even some of his historical explanations were interesting, such as how the Shroud could actually have been what some claim it to be, in spite of carbon dating proving it’s not that old.

He warned Bert that extreme heat was coming, and he should do the same for his home so his family wouldn’t suffer. The frequency of executions accelerated in retaliation to this latest plague.

The story 4,00 is rich of threads very clear and original, often surprising the reader with amazing turns of bbeauseigneur events; considering it’s a story about the End of times we’ll see if the author is able to be original till beauseigner end.

Still these are well written enough that non-Christians will find an interesting story and get an absorbing read. The idea of a human being cloned from the blood found on the Shroud of Turin, who may or may not be a clone of Christ, is incredibly interesting, but this is not dealt with for most of the book. I could have done with better writing all around, as BeauSeigneur tends to enumerate instead of describing, which made the whole book sound like a very amateur endeavor.

Something about Jesus being cloned? Other biblical prophecies from the Book of Revelation and bequseigneur Book of Daniel are depicted as well.

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