Modifications in the updated Indian Public Health Standard (IPHS) for Community Health Centre (CHC) document. (Major changes have been highlighted in. The IPHS is based on its recommendation. 4. Who will it be applicable to? At present these standards are being applied only to the Community Health Centres . Family Welfare and National Health Programmes – Role of CHCs.. 7 The Community Health Centre (CHC), the third tier of the network of rural health care.

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Presentation Description No description available. What is the need for IPHS?: What is the need for IPHS? The health care system in India fr expanded considerably over the last few decades, however, the quality of services is not uniform, due to various reasons like non-availability of manpower, problems of access, acceptability, lack of community involvement, etc. Hence, standards are being introduced in order to improve the quality of public health level. Sub – Centre In the fir sector, a Health Sub-centre is the most peripheral and first point of contact between the primary health care system and the community.

A Sub-centre provides interface with the community at the grass-root level, providing all the primary health care services. There are Sub-centres functioning in the country as on March as per Rural Health Statistics Bulletin, The Indian Public Health Hcc IPHS for health Sub-centre lays down the package of services that the Sub-centre shall provide, the population norms for which it would be established, the human resource, vor, equipment and supplies that would be needed to deliver these ipns with quality.

To maintain chf acceptable quality of care for these services. To facilitate monitoring and supervision of these facilities. Type A The Sub-centres in the following situations may be included in this category. Sub-centres not having adequate dhc and physical infrastructure for conducting deliveries, due to which providing labour room facilities and equipment at these Sub-centres is not possible.

Sub-centres in headquarter area 4. Sub-centres where at present no delivery or occasional delivery may be taking place i. Centrally or better located Sub-centres with good connectivity to catchment areas.

They have good physical infrastructure preferably with own buildings, adequate space, residential accommodation and labour room facilities. They already have good case load of deliveries from the catchment areas. There are no nearby higher level delivery facilities. Staff recommended Physical Infrastructure: Physical Infrastructure Location of the Centre: Sub-centre to be located within the village for providing easy access to the people and safety of the ANM.


Indian Public Health Standards – Governnment of India

Sign-age Building and Lay out:: Building and Lay out: Type B Sub-centre should have, about 4 to 5 rooms with facilities of: Environment Friendly Features The SC should be, as far as possible, environment friendly and energy efficient. Services to be Provided in a Sub-Centre: Services to be Provided in a Sub-Centre Sub-centres are expected to provide promotive, preventive and few curative primary health care services.

Maternal and Child Health Maternal Health: Adolescent Health Care 3. Family Planning and Contraception 4. School Health Services 6. Control of Local Endemic Diseases 7. Water and Sanitation PowerPoint Presentation: National Health Programmes Promotion of Medicinal Herbs Record of Vital Events Support Services: Minimum facilities of Urine Pregnancy Testing, estimation of haemoglobin, urine test for the presence of protein and sugar by using Dipsticks should be available.


Generator facility is made available at Type B Sub-centres. Potable water for patients and staff and water for other use should be in adequate quantity. At Type B Sub-centres, landline telephone facility should be iphw. In case of Type B Sub-centre, additional one Chv facility each in labour room and fo room are also to be provided. Regular cleaning of Toilets should be ensured. Quality Assurance and Accountability: In order to ensure quality of services and patient satisfaction, it is essential to encourage community participation.

Primary Health Centre The Bhore Committee in gave the concept of a PHC as a basic health unit to provide as close to the people as possible, an integrated curative and preventive health care to the rural population with emphasis on preventive and promotive aspects of health care. The Dor Council of Health at its first meeting held in January had recommended the establishment of PHCs in community development blocks to provide comprehensive health care to the rural population.

The 6th Five year Plan proposed reorganization of PHCs on the basis of one PHC for every 30, rural populations in the plains and one PHC for every 20, population in hilly, tribal and desert areas for more effective coverage.

To achieve and maintain an acceptable standard of quality of care. To make the services more responsive and sensitive fpr the needs of the community.

Antenatal care Intra natal care PowerPoint Presentation: Collection and reporting of vital events. Blood smear examination malarial.

Blood for grouping and Rh typing. RDK for Pf malaria in endemic districts. Rapid tests for pregnancy. Infrastructure The PHC should have a building of its own. The surroundings should be clean. Location It should be centrally located in an easily accessible area.


PHC should be away from garbage collection, cattle shed, water logging area, etc. PHC shall have proper boundary wall and gate. It should be well lit and ventilated with as much use of natural light and ventilation as possible.

Operation Theatre Lphs Room 3. Cold Chain room — Size: In dor, all the drugs required for the National Health Programmes and emergency management should be available in adequate quantities. Adequate quantities of all drugs should be maintained through periodic stock-checking, appropriate record maintenance and inventory methods.

Service Delivery in CHCs: Eye Specialist services at one for every 5 CHCs. Care of Routine and Emergency Cases in Medicine. All necessary reagents, glass ware and facilities for collecting and transport of samples should be made available.

Referral transport Services Manpower: Physical Infrastructure Location of the centre: Centre should be located at the centre of the block headquarter in order to improve access to the patients.

Fhc area chosen should have the facility for electricity, all weather road communication, adequate water supply, telephone etc. Earthquake proof measures Fire fighting equipment CHC should not be located in low lying area to prevent flooding. Residential Zone – Minimum 8 quarters for Doctors. District Hospitals to Bedded: District Hospitals to Bedded District Health System is the fundamental basis for implementing various health policies, delivery of healthcare and management of health services for defined geographic area.

Indian public health standards (IPHS) for community health centres.

There are district hospitals in districts of the country chcc per NRHM data The district hospitals cater to the people living in urban district headquarters town and adjoining areas and the rural people in the district. Services at the District Hospital: Services at the District Hospital Manpower: Administration staff Blood bank staff: Blood bank staff Physical Infrastructure: Ambulances shall iiphs provided with communication system. There shall be separate space near emergency for parking of ambulances.

Serviceability and availability of equipment and drugs in ambulance shall be checked on daily basis. Upload from Desktop Single File Upload.

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