The Introductory Statistics textbook offers students a new and more thorough approach to learning. Academically consistent and tightly integrated, this interactive. Statistics: Introduction Introductory Statistics – Chapter 5: Probability distributions. by perdiscotv. Play next; Play now. View Homework Help – from POS at Arizona State University. Introductory Statistics Third Edition Perdisco Inferences about mean differences.

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Introductory Statistics

Introductory Statistics textbook I Introductory Statistics, Third Edition is written for students with no prior experience in the study of statistics. It integrates interactive online activities, videos and podcasts, and — of course — the reading of theory. Every chapter begins with a story that introduces students to each new topic within a real-world context.

The stories open up questions and considerations that are then addressed throughout the chapter. The theoretical content in each chapter uses a narrative approach to engage students. Definitions, examples and key terms are highlighted to emphasise their importance, data is visually presented where appropriate and step-by-step guides connect the concepts of statistics with the formulas, calculations and other statistical tools available.

Employing algorithmic values and randomized contexts, the questions offer unlimited practice, personalized feedback and step-by-step solutions so that students immediately learn from their mistakes. Every chapter guides students through a seven-step learning cycle.


With plenty of interactivity, multimedia and opportunities to check understanding, the cycle motivates students to engage deeply with the content being covered. The strong structure of the textbook and its web-based delivery ensure it is effective in both online and faceto-face courses.

The principle of gaining meaning guides the textbook and its supplements, from the structure of the content to the manner in which the theory integrates with the interactive and multimedia content.

It is a way of thinking. The feedback given is very helpful, and being able to practice before doing the assessments was the best of any math website I have used.

I also like that I can print out a problem that I find difficult or want to study more. It allowed me to understand the problem better and prepare me for more problems like it in the future.

It was great to see types of questions that we’d see on the graded assignment before we were actually graded on them. It also helped me figure out which parts of the material I was struggling with. Every chapter contains a complete set of learning tools and I would hope that in their petdisco, students find them informative, supportive and fun.

I certainly enjoyed writing and creating them. The digital format has many advantages perdiaco students.


Perdisco Introductory Statistics e-workbook

It is a cost effective resource, using technology allows a high level of interactivity and feedback, using multimedia makes the information interesting and accessible, practice opportunities are embedded with the reading of content with immediate feedback and it is one less thing to carry around!

Instructor tools – Summary slides are provided for each chapter and are fully editable. It is one of the most complete packages I have seen. Introduction to Statistics Chapter 6: Review access includes a full digital copy of the textbook, all e-learning materials including summary slides, videos and podcasts, and algorithmic homework. Printed copies of the textbook are also available.

How to adopt If you would like to adopt the textbook, please contact us. The algorithmic homework is customizable and we will discuss with you the approach that you would like to follow.

Critical Thinking Paper Directive. Chapter 9 Section 1 Vocabulary. Square Numbers and Area Models.

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