Results 1 – 16 of Introduction To The Constitution Of India (Limited Edition). August by D.D. 1 January by D.D. Basu and Justice SS Subramani. DD Basu has great chapters regarding Introduction, how the constitution came into being, FUNDAMENTAL RIGHTS(The most important chapter) and then. Buy online INTRODUCTION TO THE CONSTITUTION OF INDIA by D D BASU.

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: D D Basu: Books

D.r.basu published inthis work has enjoyed the reputation of being one of the most comprehensive publications on the subject. It is the first authoritative work on the Constitution of India that tto an interdisciplinary approach, examining this great document from the philosophical, sociological, political as well as legal perspectives.

The series is a treatise on comparative constitutional jurisprudence. Volume 1 of this new and updated 9th edition is being published after a span of over 7 years.


Since the last edition, several salient developments have taken place in the area of Indian Constitutional Law. There has been a plethora of case law and new Constitutional Amendments.

Introduction To The Constitution Of India by Durga Das Basu

Volume 1 of this new edition covering Articles 1 to 12 has been painstakingly updated to include the latest cases, legislative amendments and current developments in constitutional law.

Like the original work the current 9th edition attempts to place the legal commentary in contemporary political and social context.

This volume conztitution be an indispensable source of reference to Lawyers, Judges, Constitutional Law Experts, and all such individuals who are in any way concerned with the Constitution of India. For customer support, please contact: Art 19 to The Power of Raisina Hill: Introduction to the Constitution of India.

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Introduction to the Constitution of India Marathi Translation. Introduction to the Constitution of India Gujarati Translation.

Bharat Ka Samvidhan Hindi.

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