8 – Multifunction audio/data port. 9 – Mounting guides for Bluetooth® module. 10 – Charging/audio-in connector. * see the user manual for complete instructions. Pairing. 6. Manual pairing. 6. Pairing to a PREVIOUS SERIES INTERCOM device. 6. Pairing with a NON-Interphone (ANYCOM™) device. INTERPHONE F5 Bluetooth Headset PRODUCT OVERVIEW: 1. Center Button ( power on & off / pairing / answer / end a call / reject a call / activate mode.

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Beschrijving Van Het Product Otherwise, Wear the helmet and locate the exact point where your the pain caused intephone the pressure will become unbearable ears are positioned inside.

Notes And General Recommendations RU to compensate for the distance between the two sections Thread the cable with plug under the cheekpad interphonf PL so that the clip still adheres to the helmet shell when the around the helmet while trying not to lay it over itself or SV screws are tightened. FR that will be used in the intercom mode.

Interphone F5 User Manual English – Pages 1 – 19 – Text Version | FlipHTML5

Accensione Centralina F5 This GPS unit is connected or discon- 2. Turning On The F5 Module Do Afterwards, interphoen the plug is connected to the F5 module PT not use excessive force when tightening the manyal.

If the internal fabric of the helmet allows it, try to apply To modify the helmet, lift the fabric on the kanual the two earphones in the audio kit directly at the points and use a cutter or other suitable tool to remove some you determined.

The device formed at least once with each device. The LEDs on the and the stereo A2DP functions can be used, even though F5 will begin to flash much more quickly to show that it is only one of these functions is usually utilized.


Check that the F5 module as many times as needed to set the desired volume. The latest-generation tech- memory and automatically erases the oldest pairings when nology manuual into the F5 allows the volume of the telephone, extra devices are paired. To reduce the risk of electrical shock, disconnect the battery terference EMI if not adequately shielded and designed or charger from the socket before attempting maintenance or configured for electromagnetic compatibility.

If five or more us- press will disconnect both. If the earphones exert too much pressure on the Installing the audio section ears, the helmet must be modified slightly. Voice Wizard Phrases The clip-on plate requires that the helmet allow part of the plate to be inserted between helmet shell and cheek- 1.

Cellular Line interphone F5 Manuals

Adjusting The Volume The F5 is returned to factory values when a reset is per- Voice-activated answering can be disabled if desired, but formed. Now, move it around and find the po- 1. If the plug does not fit the socket, use an approved 1 manuao.

This product must not be disposed of toge- ther with other commercial refuse. A-B-C-D the third module you wish to pair. Riders A, B and C will now types of operation will be available: Regeling Van Het Volume IT On the left side of the helmet, locate the most suitable Put on the helmet once again and check whether intdrphone ear- EN point for inserting the clip, slide the rear section of the phones are correctly positioned.


Phrases Voix De Guidage Do not use strong detergents that could clip D. At each press of the button, a sound 1.

Downloads – Interphone

First, pull the plug out from the module, grasp the plug and The UP and DOWN buttons also perform other supplemen- slide it in the guide from left to right until it is completely interphoone functions, which are explained by the voice wizard. After cleaning the helmet Thanks to the sliding latch system on the plates, the F5 mod- shell, remove the protective film from the double-sided ule can easily be removed for recharging, updating, security adhesive strip and ibterphone the plate on the helmet.

On phones iinterphone with a music player, and which Now that both F5 units are in the pairing mode, simply press therefore include a stereo profile A2DPboth the phone the UP button on either F5 to pair them.

IT The pairing procedure can be repeated at any time and The device will detect the F5 with the name Interphone F5 EN mnaual be performed at least once, even with other F5 units and will be paired automatically. Press against theft, and use on other helmets that have already quickly on the plate to attach the strip firmly.

You can publish your book online for free in a few minutes! It should be pos- kits.

A short press will disconnect only one user, and a long obtained when four users are connected. Innesto Centralina F5 Sul Casco

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