Insolvenční praxe v České republice v období až Prague: C.H. Zákon o úpadku a způsobech jeho řešení (insolvenční zákon) – komentář. Prague. Insolvenční praxe v České republice v období až Prague: C.H. Beck. Kotoučová, J. et al. (). Zákon o úpadku a způsobech jeho řešení. 1. listopad · @Tydencz. On-line deník zpravodajského časopisu TÝDEN přináší aktuální zprávy 24 hodin denně. Praha. Joined August.

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Central European Business Review

Central European Business Review3 1: The survey of real outcomes of insolvency proceedings in the Czech Republic analysed by this study took place during and This is the first survey that enables on the basis of a statistically declarative sample the ascertainment of certain crucial data as to the actual outcome of insolvency proceedings in the Czech Republic, i.


The study analysis outcomes drawn from two waves of statistical research, compare these two waves together and place the results gained into an international context.

In addition, the study also brings forward basic information on the structure of the insolvency act in the Czech Republic and possible changes in legislation that would create a more congenial insllvencni for creditors. November 12, ; Revised: February 28, ; Published: March 31, Show citation.

This is an open access article distributed insolvencno the terms of the Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4. No use, distribution or reproduction is permitted which does not comply with these terms.

Churchill Square 4, 67 Prague 3, Tel: Insolvency; bankruptcy; yield for creditors; insolvency law; insolvency proceedings Received: International Review of Law and Economics, 31 2: Go to original source Central European Business Review, 2 3: Czech Credit Bureau – Novinky, [available at: Do Bankruptcy Codes Matter?

The Journal of Finance, 63 2: Ekonomika a management, 7 3. How do bankruptcy laws affects entrepreneurship development around the world? Journal of Business Venturing, 26 5: Proceedings of the 6th International Scientific Conference: Finance and the performance of Firms in Science, Education and Practice, ed: Doing Business, [available at: Return to the content.


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