Project Planning Manual mannesmann. Rexroth engineering. Indramat. .. Together with intelligent digital drive controllers from INDRAMAT, digital AC servo motors of the MDD series tachometer signal faulty. BLC-signal faulty. Call for any repair or support for Indramat motion control systems. You’ll see it labeled as tacho in your Indramat manual. The INDRAMAT TRK 3 is a three-phase hallwave The tachometer voltage is cupplied to amplifier V.2 whose amplification can be set on porentio: meter

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Some of these issues can be a simple quick fix, and some may need a technician to conduct serious inquiries: When our technicians see this code it is usually a simple fix, it is usually because the unit is not plugged in correctly. So check your plugs first.

Drives will continue only as long as there is sufficient power in the link circuit. Check fuses, the connection and the controller. Do not run drives for longer periods of indarmat at full load because the fan switched off.

Hit the reset key once, if the fault does not occur again immediately DO NOT repeatedly hit the reset key as it may cause further damage to motor and drive modules.

Bosch Rexroth Indramat Manuals | Bosch Rexroth

If you still need help with your Indramat power supply or other Indramat product, manula free to call RepairZone at or to view our complete Indramat repair capabilities or to start a repair, click the appropriate button below:.


Quite possibly a break in the fiber optic cable. The ring is now initialized. This message allows detection of an intermittent break in the fiber optic ring.

To continue, activate the clear input. If error continues, replace fiber optic cable. Ensure that the DSS card address is properly selected and has not changed.

But can the problem be from fiber optic beam supply? But Why do interrupt the beam exactly when the driver give output? Please can you give me more information and comments? Hi Yunus, I believe with the fiber optics being connected in series, you will only get the fault on the drive that has the issue.

Make sure that there are no breaks in the fiber optic transmit and receive cables also be sure that they are connected to the proper terminal. The transmit should go to the receive on the following drive and vice versa. It is common to have the tips of the fiber optic cable to have fractures but not be broken all the way through.

This type of problem is very difficult to diagnose without being on site at your facility. I am having a slight issue with an Indramat drive unit. Can i please have some tacgo on what could be causing the problem? I presume this be a short circuit but not sure as to whether this could be within the motor or drive unit?

It taho also be a symptom of a bad output and the DC bus will run right to the IGBT which would also throw that fault. To add to that comment, this is a feature you want working because if there is a bad short circuit anywhere, allowing to enable may cause catastrophic damage to the unit, potentially past the point of any kind of repair.


What’s a Tachometer?

If you have the equipment in house, I would recommend swapping for another unit of the same model number to verify that your problem is in the drive, and not something from the motor or power supply throwing that fault. I hope this is a help for you. If you need further assistance, or would like to send a unit in for evaluation, please call or go to http: I also have a small panel with 5 manuzl which i believe all need to be on.

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