CSR for Double Hull Oil Tankers ( Full Text). TB Reports – Detailed technical documents for various CSR subjects ( updated. The IACS Members assume no responsibility and shall not be liable whether in contract or in tort Class notation CSR. Application.

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CSR for Bulk Carriers (Full Text) – IACS

The application of these changes to existing ship designs may influence steel weight and certain design details. The magnitude of these changes depends on the size of vessel, type of stiffener profiles used and the degree of optimization of the existing designs.

It is worth noting that minimal impact is expected for vessels with DNV GL fatigue class notations, e. This is because these class notations already contain provisions on increased global strength and detailed fatigue check for deck attachments.


In summary, the rule changes in the January CSR rule version may require some strengthening of existing ship designs. The actual change in steel weight is expected to be limited due to some margin on the existing scantlings.

Owners and builders need to know which rule version applies for their vessels:. Breadcrumbs Maritime News Technical. Based on this audit, changes have been implemented in the January version of the CSR, which is now effective from 1 Julyi. This technical news contains a short summary of the most important changes and their impact.

IACS procedures for CSR maintenance – SAFETY4SEA

Download the full technical news 2-page PDF. All technical news View the list. Subscribe to Technical and Regulatory News Staying up-to-date with maritime news and updates. The EU ship recycling regulation – coming into general application on 31 December Additional requirements are imposed to any new EU-flagged vessel and vessels under EU-flag going for recycling.


These measures are subject to PSC oacs flag state inspections effective from Update on emissions to air regulations for ships operating in Chinese coastal waters. This statutory news covers vital information from the Chinese Ministry of Transport: Both regulations will enter into force on ias January This statutory news contains some last-minute recommendations.

In addition, a new IMO circular has been issued with guidance for making a ship-specific implementation plan. More in this statutory news.

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