Hyperspeed. I freaking HATED programming this game all those years ago for that cheapscape company Logi-soft\tech or I still have a copy of the manual. nissan altima manual casio g-shock titanium frogman dw washing machine crown user manual samsung front. Reviews. “Hyperspeed is a well-conceived space-combat and role-playing game ” 80 – Dragon You’re moving at Hyperspeed – second thoughts could be fatal.

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Links “All I ask is a starship, and space to steer her by S ure there have been plenty of space simulations that have given you a craft to control But very few good ones truly succeeded in supplying you with that actual feeling of really “being in your own ship”.

Hyperspeed (Simulation)

In the early s, the now gone masters of PC simulations: MicroProse, did it right with a huge 15, foot long spacecraft sim – the product was first released as: On top of an excellent large space vessel to control, the designers created a wonderful galaxy of aliens, interesting game plots, and other ships to interact with Does it have a free play mode like the Elite series, Privateer, or Starflight did?

Well, you do have a mission to accomplish, but the program is very open in nature, thus allowing for many approaches You pick one of four clusters to work in – each cluster is a separate game essentially. Then, you are pretty much free to go and do what you want; however, there is an eventual time constraint regarding the lives of the colonists What about Trading and Missions?

Yeah, its here and perhaps a bit more fun than in a lot of other space trading treatments of this element of the genre. Basically, you trade to get parts for your ship, which are uniquely well implemented or used by the player – utilizing an cool “engine room” interactive animated screen interface. You plug these components into different subsystems in the engine room to improve performance, etc.

Hyperspeed (video game) – Wikipedia

You also are trading for “resources” your colony will need As far as missions within each cluster Is there the ability of mine planets? This is done when you first explore an unknown system. If it has not been claimed by another race, you can raid the system for whatever resources it has, and trade them for other resources you will need later.

I liked how in Frontier Elite II, and in some other space games, they use real star system names, not made up stuff Well, its all made up here I would not really call this a negative Does it support “Elite Type” flight controls Yes, a full 3D sim to control, you can do all sorts of fighter moves How many folks these days are still playing Hyperspeed on the planet do you think?


Probably around 10, including me Perhaps someday soon, you could be number 11! That would sure be lucky for you It’s such a shame nothing is being made as cool as the old stuff was. Surely it cannot have asteroid mining? Nope, no asteroid mining. In fact – “in system travel” is not really present at all – except in combat. Most movement consists on hyper jumps with the Spindrive, or as I said, combat Can I fly different ships? She also carries 10 missile chassis which can be additionally “configured” as fighters or kamikazes which you can fly and retrieve.

I want to be able to have more than one ship active at a time You can have up to four chassis configured as you like launched and toggle between the cockpits for them all That’s more than enough to make your head spin! I do so love a big brick of a program manual Micropose did not disappoint in this area much better with Hyperspeed than with Lightspeed – as far as manual size and details.

Hyperspeed has a wonderful manual: The nice manual really adds to the overall enjoyment of the product, draws the player in, and helps to smooth out the learning curve. Unfortunately for the PC gaming world: Do I sound bitter??? No, just sad now.

Can I play it forever? There is a “finite” story for each cluster, so – not really. But an occasional replay is still damn fun and you can take several approaches to the same problem! Are there any patches? The initial Lightspeed did have a patch Hyperspeed is essentially a tweaked, patched, and much improved version of Lightspeed with a lot more goodies pumped in The space combat is really fun, challenging, and interesting.

Its a very nice balance Each type of ship has certain vulnerabilities which much be discovered and exploited.

Some alien ship behaviors are quite surprising! What about the jump drive? Yeah, a very cool thing called the: A neat and well refined idea Just take a look at this sniglet from the manual concerning the spindrive The Spindrive derives its energy form the controlled hyperspee of a complex antimatter clathrate which contains numerous molecules of anti-Xenon.

The energy created by the destruction is used to twist the fabric of space-time into a four-dimensional spindle.

As the twisting effect accelerates, it eventually splits the hypesrpeed off into a separate universe. Can the ships have Cargo Scoops? Not really, but after combat – the Trailblazer does “automatically” salvage cargo In essence, you mxnual repair combat damage right after combat if you can salvage what you need Oh please, oh please Ooops – a big, “Thumbs Down” But, hold on – this is really not that type of game The idea is this: Once you enter a system, you launch a probe.


You don’t hyoerspeed to physically travel to any planets in the system or go down to any ggame – the probe does that. I know its a leap, and it does not sound like it would work This is not a Frontier Elite II replacement – but what huperspeed frell is!! What about a multi-player mode? You got to be kidding me Besides, how secure do you think new Multi-player games are Is it complex to learn? Well, you really need to read through the manual to have an excellent grasp and appreciation of everything, but the reading is not very much of a chore, in fact, its a delight.

Best thing is to play a little Additionally, there is a nice quick reference card which can help out – thank you MicroProse! Is there a Tutorial? The “follow along with a printed manual tutorial” really still has no equal for complex sims but now they make you build your own book via printer and PDF file.

How did you get your copy of Lightspeed and Hyperspeed? Well Sonny Grampa voice I actually bought Lightspeed hyperzpeed it first came out in ! I believe it was the third game I ever bought – and was the initial reason for getting a sound card.

I, like the rest of the world, got a Soundblaster 1. I always wanted to pick up Hyperspeed It was a tad annoying I waited a short while hoping for a price drop at Electronic Manua, and then it was gone But, remembering it fondly years later – and searching eBay for a while – one day this nice fellow posted a pristine copy: You just gotta love eBay for finding old software!

Get yours while there is still a market for this stuff How come all my annoying space simming buddies never incessantly jabbered about this on their exclusive bulletin board systems, forums, etc.? Perhaps some of them did play it A lot of folks get terribly “branded” and never seem to look at other products. Of course, for many possible players So for you guys – here’s something totally new and great!! How are the graphics, I want to see some screen grabs

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