HP Workstation xw (Quad-Core Xeon E GHz, 2GB RAM, GB HDD, Vista Business) overview and full product specs on CNET. HP Workstation xw (Quad-Core Xeon E 2GHz, 2GB RAM, GB HDD, Vista Business) overview and full product specs on CNET. View full HP Workstation xw specs on CNET. HP Workstation xw – Xeon E 2 GHz Series Specs. Overview · Specs.

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It seems like every new computer that comes through our doors is now the fastest. Or using the most bleeding-edge technology. The machine, as configured, includes two Xxw6600 Xeon E processors, which are four-core, bit chips running at 3.

The biggest part of the story is the new processors, which are running in concert with the Intel chipset. The new chipset is optimized for the latest Xeon processors and also can accommodate processors with a MHz front-side bus. If your needs are similar but could be just as easily fulfilled with a single Intel Core 2-family processor, you might consider the xw to save quite a lot of bread.

Just about everything else available with the xw is available with the xw We saw some unusual software choices. There was an AOL toolbar installed, which we deleted as quickly as we found out it was there. Note that the price we list for the system does not include CS3.


HP Workstation xw6600 (Quad-Core Xeon E5405 2GHz, 2GB RAM, 160GB HDD, Vista Business)

But more on pricing later. The highlight is the Performance Tuning Framework, which gives you a complete listing of configuration information, information on the installed graphic drivers, tuning options for applications, spdcs usage including an option to turn on Large Memory Address Space and use more than 3GB of memory on a bit operating system and OS tuning. We put this machine to work over the course of a Videomaker Workshop.

The machine ingested our HDV source video with aplomb. After capturing, we had a yp break, which allowed the machine some time to conform the footage.

As soon as we came back to the system, we were able to scrub through the video in its native HDV format, mind you very smoothly, in real time.

Rendering for a print-to-tape operation was reasonably quick, and we could render a clip for YouTube as H. On the test bench, the storage hard drive outperformed ph boot drive by a comfortable margin. The average transfer rate of the boot drive was CPU utilization was quite low on both drives — 0.

HP xw Workstation Computer Review – Videomaker

The only way we could justify shelling out more than a couple grand on a workstation is if we had some really relentless deadlines.


We like the xw a lot. We enjoyed playing with the machine and putting it to work.

Intel Xeon E Quad-core3. Intel Number of Physical Processors: Boot-Seagate GB, rpm formatted capacity: Hewlett-Packard Company Hanover St. Palo Alto, CA www. Would you suggest any cuda videocard that will work well with it. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Log into your account. Introduction to Green Screen — What it is and how it works.

Combine sound effects with motion graphics for greater impact.

How to effectively maintain continuity throughout your edit. Please enter your comment! Please enter your name here.

HP Workstation xw – Xeon E 2 GHz Overview – CNET

You have entered an incorrect email address! There are many factors that contribute to getting a good looking shot. Setting your white balance spdcs saves time and frustration when it comes time to edit and opens up artistic options in the field.

In this segment, we How to Sync Dual System Sound.

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