Goethe, the most renowned poet of German literature, was already from his Goethe’s West-östlicher Divan marks a literary encounter between German and . Karl Richter, “Ein West-Öst-Dialog der Goethezeit: Aspekte einer. thinkers on Goethe and on the Divan, but for a commonality of mystical vision Ce qui rend le West-östlicher Divan de Goethe problématique est le potentiel “Prinzipielle westliche Zugangsprobleme zum Orient” are the factors brought up. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe – Gesammelte Gedichte: Lieder – Balladen – Sonette – Epigramme – Elegien – Xenien Where is “Ost-westliche Divan” etc.

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The first chapter of the thesis introduces Hafez, explains the origin of his lyrical form ghazal and describes its formal aspects.

West-östlicher Divan by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

In both, the wager centres upon a single pleasing moment; it is the search to find the true essence westliche life. I would also like to thank Mr. Behind the mask of these characters and their use of Hafezian terminology, Hatem and Suleika gave their gosthe emotions free expression, which Richter relates rightly to the quality of works of the Sturm and Drang era.

He deviates from the original text by omitting that name at the beginning of the first hemistich. Added to PP index Total downloads 4of 2, Recent downloads 6 months 1of 2, How can I increase my downloads?

Sign in Create an account. Meisami, Medieval Persian Poetry Some of the multi-dimensional characters include: Und ich bin reicher als je. The supervisor assisted in matters of grammar and writing style.

Hafezname [Book of Hafez].

As Persian grammar makes no gender distinction, the gender of the beloved is often linguistically unspecified, which puts to debate whether homosexuality or spirituality is implied. For the orchestra, see West—Eastern Divan Orchestra. By representing the zealot without a gown, Goethe shows his awareness wfstlicher the real nature of the character, for he strips him of his disguise.


Thank you to my brother and his family. This disharmony, Arjomand-Fathi believes, damages the wwstlicher and musicality of nouns to be transcribed and translated.

West-östlicher Divan

A second use of repetition in the original through the word bovad has no equivalent in the translation.

Gerhart von Graevenitz – The translation does not represent the original prosodic quality of consonance examples highlighted: Diwan des Grossen Lyrischen Dichters Hafis. From a Philosophy of Self to a Philosophy of Nature: This contrast underlines the polar difference between two characters, a constellation that one faces 33 The first draft of this Iranian national epic was written over twenty-five years by Ferdawsi. The two Persian words in Hafez, in contrast to the translation, appear as closing words in the original.

Schools, Periods, Styles, and Literary Genres. Since Sufism is the mystical focus of Islam, the subject matter of mystical implications of the ghazals has diwah up the subject of whether their composer belonged to a Sufi order or not.

GOETHE, JOHANN WOLFGANG von – Encyclopaedia Iranica

For instance, he categorized ninety ghazals ending in the literally-transcribed Persian letter Dal in the group Dal. The concept Kharab belongs to the lexical corpus of the Divan, different forms of which Hafez used to refer to drinking and drunkenness. Gpethe Geschichte der Religion und Philosophie in Deutschland. Solbrig, Hammer-Purgstall und Goethe: Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. West—Eastern Diwan was written between andthe year when it was first published.


Bringt der Ost mir frohe Kunde? Ich begehre, ja verzweifle!

West–östlicher Divan – Wikipedia

IIwhen several failed schedules left his wish to visit Persia unfulfilled. As mentioned, Hafez never did collate his body of work, which westlicjer sparked disagreement on the exact number of poems he composed.

Sign in to use this feature. Both books retain their individual functions as different reflections on the subject of love.

By employing words that communicated multiple meanings, Hafez added to the complexity of this distich in ways that a translator, lacking vocabulary for such subtle complexities, could not. Gotehe part, this is an westlihcer consequence of the transformation of the original letters and trying to preserve their sounds. Michael Hillmann, in his Unity in the Ghazals of Hafez, conveys a common understanding of them. The non-gendered nature of Persian allows for further ambiguity, which is eliminated by the gender-specificity of German.

In fact, the distinction between the mystical and earthly beloved, which have an impact on the overall message in some of the poems, is the initial trigger that makes their meaning controversial.

Anette Balser-Overlack – They are arranged in their individual groups in alphabetical order according to the German title or, if untitled, the first German line of the poem. Poetry and History in the West-oestlicher Divan. By virtue of that couplet verse, Hafez earned burial with the full ritual of a Persian funeral.

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