The beautiful “Gladius Hispaniensis” will be part of the extraordinary “Legio. Roman Army Exhibition” 21>23 april (Birth of Rome ). Journal of Roman Military Equipment Studies, JRMES, 8, , pp Gladius hispaniensis: an archaeological view from Iberia F. Quesada Sanz The. Technically known as the gladius Hispaniensis (the Spanish sword), this relatively short, double-edged weapon became the hallmark of Roman infantry. It could.

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Iheir narive sword after Ihe wars wilh Hmlmbal, and adopred Ihe Ibedan weapon. The rings could also be part of a suspension system cm. It kept the curvature, but shortened and widened the blade and made the point triangular. Saturday, 11 June Gladius Hispaniensis.

The scabbard is not decorated, and and Murcia Fig. Therefore, an iron frame scabbard does 2. For other uses, see Gladius disambiguation. gladis

Livy now also says that lhe lighter vellres were also anned with a gladio HIspaniensi. The piles are of two sorts; the one large, the other slender.

Forging continued until the steel was cold, producing some central annealing. Balteus Decoration for a 3rd century sword belt, Numerum Omnium type.


Archived from the original PDF on June 10, I remember working with a vegan chap many years ago. You could even hold it by the thin end and hit them with the thick end, and they would not get up quickly. Most authors use the term gladius Hispaniensis but a few use Livy’s term, Hispanus. The Roman Legions were renowned for their brutal, efficient use of the short sword and over the centuries the style of short sword changed as tactics changed or were refined.

Late Republic Gladius Hispaniensis

Especially the spatha types 6 and 7 from below graph are difficult to distinguish from contemporary Germanic sword blades, and seem to have been used by both cavalary and infantry. Image also shows one of few known shield bosses of the rectangular legionary shield. Like the Mainz gladius, the Fulham has a long point.

It is generally accepted! He then removed the Gaul’s torc and placed it around his own neck, hence the name, torquatus. We believe that the reason lies 2. Retrieved from ” https: Roman Republic and Roman Empire. Tirus Manlius] conrra Gallum cinsririt Types of antennae sword in the Meseta of the Iberian Peninsula, The Gladius Hispaniensis was more suited for stabbing but could also deal a devastating slashing blow.

Weapons from two differen. In most cases no suspension system ‘pontet’ or ‘suspension loop’ have been remains of a scabbard are found, and if they are these consist added a pair of horizontal metal clasps holding two rings, of an iron frame over a leather or wooden base. The articles in the links below often differ both in hixpaniensis and in detail.


The Gladius Hispaniensis

We shall now describe this process, ty of them are local productions, more or less faithful to the which took place in three phases. I, type Illtoo The only text which explicitly mentions the adoption of short to provide an effective cutting or slashing action. Countermarks of roman legions on coins are shown in the Legionary Countermark section. Great sentiments, I’m sure, but most of us have to live in this imperfect hizpaniensis. Notify me hispaniwnsis new posts via email.

The hilt of a Roman sword was the capulus.

I confess, weapons fascinate me and I’m not just talking about the modern variety. Second half of the 4tb centu- fitted with rings, probably for a baldric. Exhibition catalogue “Legionsadler und Druidenstab, F.

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