Communication between MPS and MPS stations. PLC programs for all stations. Festo CECC: station solution Robot station with MPS® modules The MPS® makes history. Since , the stations from the modular production system MPS® have been the “sporting equipment” at the mechatronics world. Function The Testing station detects the various properties of the workpieces inserted into it. It differentiates workpieces with the aid of an optical and a.

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The stations in the modular production system are the origin and role model for almost all mechatronic training systems.

Each station has its own focus Two stations are sufficient sration represent a simple, industrially-relevant process for basic training in automation technology: This simplest of all combinations provides numerous basic functions of automated production: Each additional station adds new learning objectives.


Stations – MPS® The Modular Production System – Services – Festo Didactic

This means that the transfer of knowledge to the actual operation of modern automated production is as efficient as possible. As you like it! All stations can be combined with others to create systems. This adds learning content and increases the flow of material and information.

It sation up to you whether you network the stations or operate them in stand-alone mode with a separate PLC. Combination with other processes is also possible, e.

Safety modules Hardly any issue affects so many employees in a company as health and safety. Manufacturing and assembly What is important?

MPS® – The modular production system:

If simple handling tasks are sufficient for your learning scenario, the workpiece set with bodies of various materials can be used. If you want handling to involve simple assembly, the bodies with measuring instruments or containers with covers are ideal.


For complex assembly with robots, a symbolic single-acting cylinder provides just the right challenges. We will fit the PLC of your choice, as well as fieldbus components if required.

Stations – MPS® The Modular Production System – Learning Systems – Festo Didactic

But in practice not every station is always available. There is no difference in commissioning and troubleshooting.

The same PLC can be used for control. Skip to main navigation Skip to content.

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