This Fairbairn-Sykes Commando Knife was the preferred commando weapon in World War II for both the U.S. and British Commonwealth Forces. Overall. Buy IXL Sheffield IXSF for $ – Sheffield SHE Fairbairn Sykes British Commando Dagger /8 inch Black Blade, Leather Sheath at KnifeCenter. designed by W. E. Fairbairn and E. A. Sykes for the British Commandos, this knife quickly became a legend. But also many other units of the Al.

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Early production commanso were extremely limited and demand was high, with many British troops attempting to buy their fqirbairn. Takes a good, sharp edge.

Cordage for retaining of the lapel dagger, and fairvairn thread wrapping of one of the hat pins, and the sleeve daggers looks to be of actual type used as well. It has been stuck down the back of my boot in its skinny scabbard old school styleslung under my shirt in the lovely black Molle one, and variously strapped here and there for dagfer occasion, for over a year.

The knife you provided me with will be integrated into my modular survival jacket and taken with me on operations. They simply cannot have them, as I am taking them with me!

I have not found such great steps taken, in order to produce a better quality or authentic product anywhere else in the blade industry. Half Black – White steel blade, black guard, grip, top nut and scabbard chape. In order to avoid the potential problem of our own pieces being sold as originals, we clearly mark all our knives with the initials.


We also stamp our scabbards accordingly. To these ends, many 2nd pattern knives were made with blackened components.

Fairbairn–Sykes fighting knife

Scabbard leather is better than expected, being nice and thick, plus supple and well stitched. Nickel 2nd with custom etchings.

Genuine military issue to Gurkha Regiments shkes India. Cannot be shipped to CA or MA. Your first ragger blade will be displayed next to the original first pattern Wilkinson knife. This was coupled with a covert black finish on guard, grip, top nut and scabbard chape. This is our own exclusive creation and offering to continue the FS tradition today. Following the form of the 2nd pattern FS knife, our throwing knives are constructed from one solid piece of 75Cr1 steel which is hand-ground, sanded, incised, etched and hardened and tempered to a durable springy toughness.

I have recommended you to so many people and we are enjoying showing everyone the knife. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

Military Knives

First pattern knives have a 6. However, because this is a. I am truly thankful that such a skilled artisan is providing this offering in their lineup. Our WWII Foreign Legion Paratroopers Knife has an aluminium grenade handle and paratrooper markings on the blackened high carbon steel blade and sheath.

Fairbairn Sykes Commando Knife | Atlanta Cutlery

Thank you so much. Per Mare Per Terram” J.

I own several FS made by different makers and in different patterns. A proud tradition to own. Even the small attention of the date on the coin effectively replicates that which would be found in circulation during WWII.

It seems unfair dafger call it a reproduction, it is more a continuation of a fine tradition. Please pass on my sincerest thanks to the rest of your staff and keep up the good work. Now that I can carry a blade with all of the handling traits of the genuine article, but produced in RWL, I would not carry anything less. Each knife is etched with our unique variation on the original style etchings, with The FS Throwing Knife on one face and our Macdonald Armouries – Edinburgh etching on the reverse face.


The standard you have set leaves little or no room for improvement. Though known as the FS Fighting knife, this was not designed to be a knife fighting knife, but primarily designed to be used in silent killing actions such as sentry take-outs. With its acutely tapered, sharply pointed blade, the F-S fighting knife is frequently described as a stilettoa weapon optimised for thrusting, [2] although dabger F-S knife is capable of being used to inflict slash cuts upon an opponent when its cutting edges are sharpened according to specification.

This serrated neck knife by Cold Steel is thin, flat and super light; easy to conceal and very comfortable to wear. Blades are sharpened as standard. All I can say is WOW!!

Many thanks for making that FS Knife for me. Ricasso etching detail From the shadows they came.

Our knives look, handle and perform as originals. During his service with the International Police in Shanghai, Fairbairn reportedly engaged in hundreds of street fights in the course of his duties over a twenty-year career.

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