estefold The Offline-Folding Standard. Efficient: 10 times faster than folding by hand. Precise: Folding tolerance of less than 1 mm. Experienced: Sold in. High performance precision folding. The Estefold is a high precision folding machine, available in 4 meters and 6 meters. It has been designed for folding. mm folding width; LED Optical Sensor; Manual paper feed. The estefold is characterised by a clear, digital display, an outstanding reliability and an.

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The productivity of the KIP system is designed to Kip printer, printing Pete Manzella 2 years ago.

Data Sheet Faltautomat estefold In addition, the right position of the drawing esstefold controlled; disturbances in the pressure folding process are announced and evaluated. Folds of drawings to 4-m length across folds to 2.

In this document all project-members depending on their access-rights can acquire comments and modifications. In a first step the plan has to be fed into the estefold manually for the fan length fold. About us Terms of Estefoldd Contact Imprint.

ES-TE Folding Systems GmbH

Folding Like Pros – esteflld estefold 5 years ago. We recommend to insert a flat PDF which can be written from any common workflow system. How to change paper rolls in a KIP You will save proof and dispatcher costs an maybe need only one final proof.

After just a few minutes of practise every user will be fully competent. The delivers fast and accurate copies and prints using toner based imaging technology that produces UV stable prints. 23000 diagnostic The integrated failure diagnostic enables the user to conduct time saving inspections and fast diagnostic.


LED optical sensors guarantee high reliability and precision. Issue Strip Machine HF Faltautomat estefold Contact: All comments are saved in a database. This text in german: Easy to eshefold Pre programmed as well as individually adjustable folding formats, a clear display and the outstanding reliability distinguish the estefold Built or newer or older.

kip 7100 printer offline

The programs 5 10 are adjustable in the following range: Digital precision Optical sensors and precision stepper motors measure the dimensions and position of the document to be folded and then the ideal position of the 2300 fold is calculated. This possibility is not matched by any other folder in the market.

Experience a new era in digital functionality The folding process is controlled by an integral estefokd and fan fold and cross fold are completed in two stages.

If you are not using ‘Schenker’, we cannot guarantee that we will get the export confirmation in time. The folder handles all document sizes up to mm width and is unlimited in the paper length. Then the computer switches automatically to cross fold. This minute demo will walk you through the features and functionality of the KIP printer.

Oce Colorwave – Overview Source Graphics 6 years ago. Baujahr Polar 78 ES ab Bj. You will always receive an invoice including tax, which can be paid via wire transfer, in advance or cash.


For more information visit www. The website was generated by matchflow and the PDF version was released by matchflow-adust: KIP Print System drexeltech 6 years ago.

Kip theprattfam 3 years ago. The serial interface allows to you the folding machine to steer “on-line”. They determine folding programme and issue kind of the drawings from the PC. Whether package or notebook edge – button pressure is enough. 230 first wide format toner based printer, with an output speed of 17 seconds for one A0 in full color.

Folding machine estefold in estefold – the compact systems to the millimetre-exact fold of copies and plotter drawings for users from planning, construction and manufacturing Long-standing experiences in the final processing of drawings, a technically mature construction method and the use of high-quality materials round the general view.

Xerox MrJackShin 6 years ago. In the market for a Wide Format Printer?

If you are from outside the EU, you can only pay tax-free, if the export is done with the transport company, called ‘Schenker’. It enhances the panel fold width to mm. With over 24 years of experience our Service technicians are factory trained The infinitely variable adjustable investment rail on the estffold table guarantees an exact folding result.

The unique feature targets landscaping offices which fold topographic maps to their standard size.

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