ELYSIAN DROP TROOP ARMY LIST – v (Last Rev). By Jim ‘Honda’ Kontilis with invaluable assistance from Shmitty, Ginger, Moscovian, John. Luckily I have brought some Elysian drop troops as they first come out, and Here is my list as I’ve tried to set up a quick and mobile force with air support and without artillery. . I love the vulture and want one for my armies. Last year I took pts of Elysians to the Rock using an army list from the old and somewhat 3x Elysian Drop Sentinels: 3x multimeltas.

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Several functions may not work. Sign in anonymously Don’t add me to the active users list. Get a veteran squad with forward observers and you have a good infiltrating homing beacon for everything coming on. The plan was as bold as dauntless: As you can see the army has two Company Command squads.

Remember me This is not recommended for shared computers.

Once per battle, an Avenger Strike Fighter equipped with tactical bombs can make a bombing run against a single enemy unit it moves over during one of its Movement phases.

Veteran drop troops can be used to amazing effect if you you use them correctly.

44th Elysian Drop troops

Perseus ever at his side. Play IG or MT to their strengths This turns Armored Sentinel units into very mobile gun platforms ramy can threaten multiple units while moving by running after shooting at the same time. Pay more for tanks but with objective secured and no need for veterans its a great ally. Raptors have always been a favourite chapter for me! The Elysian rapid reaction units arrive using their renowned Combat Drop and deploy specialist weapon squads beneath the Wave Serpent.


Captain Ikaru Perseus personally supervised the task of rearming and refueling one of the platoon Valkyries from the vantage point of a tower at the F. Roll two rdop when inflicting damage with this weapon and discard the lowest result.

Warhammer 40,/Tactics/Imperial Guard/Elysian Drop Troops(7E) – 1d4chan

Im running it with codex astra militarum because the tournament scene does not allow forge world lisg lists. So before you start giving me advice on what is dfop competitive or not, take this into consideration: Navigation Main page Recent changes Random page Help. The buggies are perfect for outflanking and frying objective campers as well as securing linebreaker, and if I have to I can take pot shots at enemy side or rear armor with the lascannon should I arrive at the wrong table edge.

Can passengers disembark from an Elysian Drop Troops Valkyrie on the same turn it is set up on the battlefield, using the Aerial Drop ability?

Next time my Ghostwarriors will return in larger numbers and claim victory. I love how the new edition works, and all the small tricks that we found out as the game went on.

Grave Chute Insertion does not really cut it, either. In lits regard I think it’s a good list as it seems like it’s quite capable while feeling very Elysian.

Warhammer 40,000/Tactics/Imperial Guard/Elysian Drop Troops(7E)

When attacking with this weapon, choose one of the profiles below. Hey and welcome back reader, to the final installment of my Elysian Droptroops in 8th edition-series. The Xeno witchmaster commanding his spirit warrior warband of corsairs.

Simon starts his second turn by moving the Wraithlord closer in preparation to scale the gates! Events, tournaments and campaigns Lords of War 40k! The warlord, the veteran squad, a command squad, and the Drop sentinels make themselves ready for planetfall….


[] – Imperial Guard – Elysian Drop Troops – Forum – DakkaDakka

Now there are several things to note about the Elysian army, and although I appreciate reader comments and discussions, some points have to be made on the choice of taking an all Elysian list to a competitive environment. Elysian Drop Troops Ranged Weapons. I really really enjoyed how well the Elysians performed in this game.

These compete with Vendettas in terms of slots. When I got drafted for NR5 I finally had a reason to trools it! The Elysian Drop Troops are amongst the best rapid response troops that the Imperial Guard has to offer. Luckily I have brought some Elysian drop troops as they first come out, and brought another batch just before they are out of production.

In the following turn of combat the Wraithlord makes a clean sweep with his Ghostblade and destroys two sentinels, leaving the third one running off the field! Privacy policy About 1d4chan Disclaimers Mobile view.

Simon fires one flamer into the squad on the pad, one flamer into the remnant veterans below, and the Shuriken cannon into the command squad on the far objective — hoping to force morale checks. Each breacher charge can only be used once per battle. Back ttoops top 3 Spear of Achilles Posted 03 February –

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