Ellion hmr a manual. Free Pdf Download When done, restart Internet. Explorer. Can the camera be switched back to serious mode 34 de 34 personas. Shop Ellion HMRA High Definition Media Recorder – Player. Free delivery and returns on eligible orders. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Ellion HMRA High I have tried, but never succeeded in downloading the PDF manual on-line.

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See All Buying Options. Add to Wish List. This page works best with JavaScript. Disabling it will result in some disabled or missing features. You can still see all customer reviews for the product. The idea being to load all of the films etc that we had in boxes under the stairs and in cupboards which we liked to watch but were normally to lazy to get out or search for. I had read of many machines which had a reduced picture quality and evenn when I bought this machine was rather unsure.

My fears were calmed as the picture from this machine through either of my LCD televisions was just as good as using any other type of player.

Video;s actually came out better from the hard drive than the VHS video recorder. As well as an internal gig hard drive I am running through the USB a 2 tera byte and a 1 tera byte hard drive. The menus are easy to use and follow. The only downside is that the machine is rathe rslow to load but, this may be due to the size of the drives that are attached. Once booted up films can be accessed with no trouble at all. This coupled with an easy to use zapper makes for a good all round user friendly piece of equipment.

We expect to be watching films we have not seen for years through this machine this Christmas instead of the rubbish pumped out by the TV stations.

I would therefore recommend it. One person found this helpful. After each crash, the hard drive has to be wiped clean and repartitioned. There is a great requirement for the old fashioned video recorder replacement ie a device that can record whatever audiovisual signal that is fed to it and will reliably record on to rewritable media in an easy to use manner but this is not it.

Most people do not need zillions of functions but a simple audiovisual recorder. Top-rated Most recent Top-rated. All reviewers Verified purchase only All reviewers All stars 5 star only 4 star only 3 star only 2 star only 1 star only All positive All critical All stars Text, image, video Image and video reviews only Text, image, video.

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Specialists Audio, Visual Importers.

mwnual I bought this box about lelion week ago, and I have to say for the first few minutes I was quite impressed with functionality and easy setup, but as you start to use the device you will start to having problems and issues with box, I have to say the picture quality is not anything near HD, even is slightly lower than normal connection, my plan was to use this device as main input to my TV and connect all other devices Sky, Satellite feed to this device to be able to record mznual Sky and Satellite feed, in practice it’s possible and box can handle manuwl most of the time except the crashes but this device reduce the picture quality so you are getting low quality picture even from your standard devices non HD.


You could potentially buy a DVD or blueRay recorder with HDD from well known manufacturer which has no malfunction and offer all the functionalities with no hassle look for Sony or Panasonic devices I can’t recommend this box unless dllion get it for free and you don’t mind to screw-up your TV cablings for nothing.

This box is not ready for the market, it require a lot more testing and development by Ellion. I am trying again, this hmr–700a with updates. Let there be no mistake It can also record any video signal you send it via scart or composite video cable.

The box is small and kind of portable, and both recording and playback are acceptable if not quite good at times. Nevertheless there are a number of annoyances, which are unsurprising in such a new device.

It seems Ellion have had to design the operating system from scratch, which has lead to lots of ‘rough edges’. There is an excellent review of the machine by Hi-Jack on mpcclub, and also a significant discussion in the forums.

Ellion technical were somewhat active in these forums at the time, and a number of new firmware hmr-00a were released within a couple of years of the machines release.

The last firmware was in Marchand I don’t think there will be any new ones coming now. As a quick summary, the media recorder makes reasonably good quality recordings, has an acceptable level of usability, and is quite unusual in that it allows you to easily output your MPEG2 recordings to an external USB drive.

My detailed review below will take the form of a list of what I consider to be both good and bad features – Things which would help you make your decision about whether to buy or not. I will say that there are a lot more bad points listed than good, but don’t let that put you off what is overall a very nice product. It is great to be able to take such a relatively small device around with you, carrying a large collection of your favourite recordings, and be able to add to the collection by recording more titles from whatever source you choose.

This was never previously possible. Recording a movie, and then transferring the MPEG file to your computer was never so easy. Plays back most file formats Recordings are reasonably good quality. When working with files on the internal UDF partition of the hard drive. It can’t edit files on external USB. Not bad to look it. Good set of AV connections at the back NAS drive without having to attach to a PC.

Easy to attach external hard drives directly – There is a USB interface on the front panel, and two USB interfaces on the back panel as well. I have a GB external 2. You can even plug your USB flash drive in.

Easy to attach to your home computer – It comes up as an external hard drive.

You drag files to and from the browser, delete and rename as you wish. Easy to transfer movies from your digital camcorder – There is a firewire interface on the front panel. Scheduled recordings now possible since one of the first firmware upgrades. It takes quite a time to switch on. Mhr-700a 15 seconds according to my stopwatch. This may be due to tests to see which kind of TV signal is required by the TV.

The manual is mediocre at best. The content is poorly organised, with occasional missing facts. The presentation is very bad, with greyscale pictures of the on-screen diagrams mostly unreadable. There are a few spelling mistakes – this never inspires confidence.


I have tried, but never succeeded in downloading the PDF manual on-line. When you switch on the Ellion for the first time, the setup manal leads you through the process of defining 3 or 4 partitions for the storage of files. The bad thing with this setup is that once you have set up your partition sizes, this is what you will have fixed ‘for ever’. You can’t resize them at a later stage. Layout of buttons on the remote control is not the best.

The remote control is very directional.

:Customer reviews: Ellion HMRA High Definition Media Recorder – Player

Any more ellin about 20 degrees away from the box, and it doesn’t register. No LED light flashes on the box to tell you that the box has received an infrared signal from the remote.

This can be disconcerting as the box doesn’t always respond immediately, and you are left wondering whether the box has or hasn’t in fact received your signal. The Source button on remote control doesn’t work on the Guide screen.

This could be fixed in a firmware upgrade. It does work from all the other screens. When connecting the Ellion to a computer via USB, it can take a long time to get recognised. When you have finished connecting it to the computer, you have to switch the Ellion off and then on again at the mains in order to be able to use it as a player again.

There is no S-Video input or output. You have to use Scart Euro or Composite Video. American versions of the box have Component Input. Networking – I’m not sure whether you can use the network to upload new files to the internal hard drive. I can’t seem to do this at present, but I’m by no means a network expert. There is no ‘Rec List’ Button on the Remote Control – It takes a minimum of 2 key-presses to get to your list of recorded movies. You can’t change audio settings to make a stereo track into a mono track.

Not a common request, but when I am travelling around the world, sometimes my TV only has mono audio input. What happens if you press play, and watch something half way through, and then press Stop? When you press play again, the video file restarts playing at the beginning. It hasn’t remembered the place where you were previously watching.

Customer reviews

Such an easy function manul implement, but missing on the Ellion!!! No doubt that could easily be fixed with a firmware update, but that probably won’t happen now. It is not possible to set up a password protected folder or directory, so that you can place hidden or restricted content inside, perhaps as a kind of parental control.

I don’t know whether it is a problem with my particular device or whether it is a generic problem with all Manuual, but when I take the video input from the yellow RCA input, there is a slight wavy whooshing interference which sweeps across the Hkr-700a screen every second. Out of interest, it doesn’t record copy-protected content. I thought there might be some people out there who would be interested in this fact!!

Why should this be so difficult? I guess they tried to implement this, but were getting crashes. To be fair, I am not aware of fllion other media recorder on the market today which can record to NTFS either. It just doesn’t write to them.

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