E L E C T R I B E ANALOG M D E L I N G S Y N T H E S I Z E R EA-1 Owner’s Manual Thank you purchasing the Korg ELECTRIBE-A EA In order to enjoy. This page contains information about the Owner’s Manual for the EA-1 from Korg. The Korg Electribe A (EA-1) is an analogue modeling synthesizer in the Korg Electribe series “Korg Electribe EA1 Owner’s Manual” (PDF). Korg Inc. Korg Inc .

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During playback, erase triggers from the pattern. Use the dial or electrlbe Select keys to move to the position at which you wish to begin recording.

Connect the part output jacks of the EA-1 and the line output jacks of the ER-1 to your mixer or powered monitor system amplified speakers. The output of the EA-1 is not stereo, but is independent for each part, so you will eaa to make pan adjustments on your mixer. Use the master volume of the EA-1 and the gain and fader controls of your mixer or powered monitor system to adjust the volume to an appropriate level.

For example, elecrtibe can change a straight beat by adding a slight “bounce” or shuffle.

Make connections and play! Specifying the pitch of each pattern Performing this operation will not affect the pitch and gate time data.

Transmitting sound setting data Data Dump Song, Pattern, or All song, pattern, global data can be trans- mitted as MIDI exclusive data, and stored on an external de- vice.


Either way, the EA-1 makes it easy for you to create your own original patterns. The position indication in the display will blink. Press the Part Select key to select the part that you wish to edit. Motion Seq motion sequence This function allows you to loop knob movements. The display will blink “PSt. Turn off the Keyboard function key the key will go dark.

Korg – EA-1 – Owner’s Manual

What is a Song? The pat- tern will playback repeatedly, and you can continue re- cording additional notes as long as the Rec key is lit.

Shift key This key is used in conjunction with other keys. If you electribs the song data by mistake, rotate the dial to re-select the song before you save it. If the Global mode Memory Protect setting is on, it will not be possible to Write. When Song Position Pointer is received in Song mode by a slave device i. If you wish to mnual the patterns as you select one, press the Pattern mode key to enter Pattern mode, and listen to the play- back.

Korg Elec Tribe EA-1 Owner’s Manual

In this case, turn off the Global mode Memory Protect setting before you ex- ecute the Write operation. Waveforms – Sawtooth, square, tri, external audio-in. The filter processes the sound produced by the manusl to make it less bright, etc.


If you raise the reso- nance and turn the Cutoff knob or adjust EG Int and De- cayyou will hear the typical “meow-ing” sound typical of analog synthesizers.

eectribe Chorus creates minute differences in the pitch to produce an ensemble effect, and Flanger adds a “swooshing” modulation to the sound. The Move Data operation applied to all steps of the selected part. Erasing data during playback or recording Erase 1. Press the step key for the step whose gate time you wish to edit the key will blink. Distortion is an effect that intention- ally distorts the sound to produce a hard sound even from a mellow waveform.

It is not possible to check for event data during play- back or recording. Rotate the dial to change the tempo. The “Length” of the pattern will be either 16 steps or 12 steps, depending on the Scale and Beat settings of the pattern.

Press step key 15 once again to clear the data. These products are warranted by the KORG distributor only in each country. When you perform the Write op- eration, “Data Copy within a pattern” p.

When the Keyboard function is on, these keys are used to switch the octave.

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