Edifecs SpecBuilder is a guideline authoring tool, which provides the ability to create, customize, and publish guidelines, generate test data. Download Edifecs SpecBuilder for free. Edifecs SpecBuilder is a tightly integrated and intuitive design-time tool for business and EDI analysts. Required Qualifications: Strong knowledge of EDIFECS software(SpecBuilder issue resolution Support existing EDI platform and integrating applications.

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Edifecs Announces New License Agreement With First Data

Documents Flashcards Grammar checker. By proving your expertise with Edifecs products and solutions, you demonstrate your commitment to advancing your skills and taking on greater challenges.

This guide is designed to provide the recommendations needed to prepare for your Edifecs Certified SpecBuilder Associate exam, and helps you determine when you are ready to take the exam.

Edifecs Certified SpecBuilder Associate should be able to: The assessment is valid for all 8. Candidates must have at least 6 months working experience in using SpecBuilder in a technical analysis or wdifecs role OR have attended SpecBuilder training through Edifecs University.


It is not mandatory to complete SpecBuilder training before taking the exam, however training can significantly increase your knowledge and skills with Edifecs SpecBuilder.

Successful on-the-job experience is strongly recommended before taking the assessment. For more information on the Edifecs SpecBuilder Virtual training program, refer to http: The candidates are provided with the score immediately after completing the test.

Each question is weighted equally and no credit is given for answering just part of a question correctly. The assessment is delivered through Kyrterion, an independent testing provider. Distribution of content covered on the exam The questions on the exam are distributed as follow for each SpecBuilder module. Topic Yes No I can create a new guideline from specbullder standards database. I can edit a guideline to implement specific business or technical requirements.

Business Analyst – EDIFECS, Specbuilder

I can create or edit transaction data for testing purposes. I can create documentation for a guideline. I can de-identify the data in a file for testing purposes. I can compare two versions of a guideline or a data file.

Edifecs Certified SpecBuilder Associate Exam Guide/ Data sheet

I can analyze a test file against a particular guideline and set error severities as per the business requirement. Specbuikder can generate a test data file based on the guideline.


I can create a guideline document from one or more existing data files. The following are typical examples of the types of questions that will be on the exam: The display of excluded nodes may be set for each level of the guideline structure.

Edifecs Certified SpecBuilder Associate Exam Guide/ Data sheet

After the Analyzer has been executed, when an error is selected in the Data Error pane, the location of any error will be highlighted: Only in the data file b. Only specbyilder the guideline c. Both in data file and guideline d.

Error is only highlighted spebcuilder the Error Pane Answer 2: C Both in data file and guideline Migrator: The destination node has been deleted c. The destination node has been added. Properties of current and child node are different.

A Properties of the current node are different denotes that: Chelonnda Seroyer’s PowerPoint Presentation. Appendix 1 to the Rules of Procedure.

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