Buy Evolution Temperature / Humidity fan speed controller 12 Amp by Ecotechnics on ✓ FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders. The Evolution Digital Fan Speed Controller monitors temperature and humidity within the grow room and constantly adjusts the speed of the extraction/intake. Buy Ecotechnics Evolution Fan Controller (Cimate control) at Alchimia Grow Shop.

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The unit also controls a grow room heater and is compatible with the EcoTechnics Evolution CO 2 controller. Your login details have been used by another user or machine. Login details can only be used once at any one time so you have therefore automatically ecootechnics logged out.

EcoTechnics Evolution Digital Fan Speed Controller

Please contact your sites administrator if you believe this other user or machine has unauthorised access. The premier grow tent in the Secret Jardin range. The Intense has a large range of sizes from Secret Jardin Intense Ecotdchnics The Intense range is also unique in that each model ecotecnics be extended in height from 30 cm up The Dark Room is an ever-popular tent from the Secret Jardin range.

It offers the grower a The Dark Street is the entry level model of tent in the Secret Jardin range.

The Lodge is a unique tent contrller creates dedicated growing areas for the full life cycle of Secret Jardin Ecotecnnics Propagator For those who would prefer a tent dedicated solely for the purpose of propagation the Dark Secret Jardin Dryer Linkable The hanging dryer is also available from Secret Jardin; these mesh nets hang within the drying Secret Jardin WebIT elastic WebIT elasticated mesh plant supports are available in a range of sizes.


Growth Technology Clip Fan Ecotechnics Unis CO2 Controller The Unis CO2 Controller This Controller is the most advanced of its kind and has more features and functionality than The Evolution CO2 Analyser utilizes non-dispersive infra-red ecotschnics technology for fast, Cost effective way of adding extra CO2 into a growing area. Ideal for small spaces.

Beneficial during propagation and vegetative growth.

GSE Controller — temperature This digital fan controller is designed for ventilated rooms with one or more exhaust fans This digital fan controller is a temperature dependent speed controller for rooms with intake GSE Controller — humidity This digital fan controller is a humidity and temperature dependent speed controller for rooms The humidity controller is designed to work with either a humidifier fogger or dehumidifier GSE Step Controller — temperature The step controller allows accurate control of fan at low speed, ensuring no low speed noise This high specification, complete environment controller is complete with temperature and Easy to use, standalone alarm system with text messaging alarm responses.

The new Iso-Master controller utilises the latest microprocessor technology to monitor and An essential tool for indoor growing showing the current, maximum and minimum temperature Good piece of kit at a nice price, very reliable unit, thousands sold, perfect for grow tents Formulated to evaporate a consistent amount of odour control.


Simply open the lid and place ONA Block is a fast, easy way to fight odours at their source.

evolution fan speed controller

ONA Liquid can be added to commercial misting systems, humidifiers or simply sprayed freely A convenient pump contriller containing ONA liquid — this handy spray ecotechhics be stored conveniently A handy aerosol that can be used instantly when an airborne odour is detected. This portable, battery operated dispenser works on rooms up to sq. The fan fits on top of both the 4 litre jar Easy Grow Black White Grow New thinner, dual layered grow sheet.

White to increase light levels in the grow area, black Dual layered grow sheet. White to increase light in the grow area, black to reduce external Easy Grow Silver White Lightite A yield-increasing spectrum-enhanced silver reflector applied to a gloss white triple layered Easy Grow Ultra Silver Mylar The ultimate reflective silver grow sheet, the perfect reflection on a dual layered silver Easy Grow Silver Lightite Easy Grow White Floor Secure Created to save growers from the worry of water damage, Floor Secure is a non-ripping heavy Easy Grow Heavy Duty Mylar Ultra silver for maximum reflection of controllre and heavy duty to reduce the chance of rips and Ozone has long ecotecnhics known for its sterilising powers and is widely utilised for odour removal

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