In Justice for Hedgehogs (JH), Ronald Dworkin has written a truly remarkable philosophical work. It advances a bold treatment of all the. Baedeker — Independence. Truth in morals — External skepticism — Morals and causes — Internal skepticism — Interpretation. Moral responsibility — Interpretation . One of the greatest legal and moral philosophers of the postwar era, Ronald Dworkin argues in his new book, Justice for Hedgehogs, that there.

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He develops original theories on a great variety of issues very rarely considered in the same book: Developing a Framework for Ethical Leadership. There is a wealth of jusyice arguments concerning causation, motivation, supervenience, etc. As with all ethical concepts, ethics and morality fold together, I think, in leading the good life. Dworkin is a hedgehog. What do the members of a political community owe to one another?

Ronald Dworkin: ‘We have a responsibility to live well’ | Books | The Guardian

Agents fail their responsibility to actively interpret their moral convictions when they act thoughtlessly, inconsistently, whimsically, impulsively, arbitrarily, or unreflectively. He finds such a source by discussing ethics as an interpretive discipline. But I am loathe to deter you from reading what is a very fine book, especially given my distracted state reading it.

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. How serious a threat to a person’s life or power to live well does the person face in the situation? Hanif Mumtaz rated it liked it Jun 01, Dworkin poses, answers, and discusses many points of view and puts them in a way that are understandable and easy to relate to. And they in turn keep injustice alive because their self-contempt breeds a politics of contempt for others.

The right to equal respect is grounded in the right of all persons to exercise personal responsibility over their own lives — which in the political context implies certain basic liberties for all. I hate it when people say: Nov 14, Michael rated it really liked it Shelves: On occasion, Dworkin simply refers to his earlier writings, assuming perhaps too optimistically familiarity on behalf of his readers.


The Story of the Last Slave Zora Justie Hurston’s book is a rediscovered masterpiece of literary journalism from the s. Such a skeptic may challenge the credibility of all moral convictions concerning voluntary homosexual behavior on the basis of a more general conviction concerning the features of acts that make them wrong or obligatory and the conviction that voluntary sexual choices lack these wrong-making or right-making features.

Ronald Dworkin: ‘We have a responsibility to live well’

When people disagree concerning the application of such a concept, it is a disagreement over whether the particular in fact satisfies the criteria. Elements of a Constructivist Theory of Justice. The Hohfeldian Analysis of Rights. God, argues Dworkin, gave us moral laws whose truth was guaranteed by Him. Dworkin makes an intellectual case for being a morally responsible person Don’t be deceived by the title, Justice for Hedgehogs by Ronald Dworkin is not light hdegehogs, but it is not dor dense philosophical tome either.

Return to Book Page. He forgets them himself to great effect, not only the disciplinary divides but those of style as well. The unity of value rests on Dworkin’s paradigm of value-laden interpretation and a conception of human dignity that places it at the core of all spheres of value.

But the rise of science led, Dworkin argues, to scepticism about God’s existence and thus a doubt that He could make our values true or false.

Justice for Hedgehogs by Ronald Dworkin. A necessary condition for true moral convictions is that these convictions, and the agent who embraces them, reconcile and unify what appear to be conflicting values. But my living well is also a subjective value for me in ways that others’ lives need not be. Hardcoverpages. Jan 07, Ramiro rated it it was amazing. Are all moral concepts criterial?


Much of Dworkin’s project, for those with philosophical background, can be viewed as uniting Hume and Kant. Which Concepts Should We Use?: Recognizing that my living well is important, because living well is intrinsically and objectively important, will entail recognizing the objective and equal importance of all others’ living well and maintaining self-respect.

He calls 1 ‘the equal importance principle’ and 2 ‘the responsibility principle’.

Such a skeptical position contradicts moral convictions which assert that certain acts are morally prohibited and others morally required.

Not an easy read, but immensely rewarding.

Justice for Hedgehogs

The upshot is that equal concern should focus on resources of general value such as wealth because their distribution allows personal responsibility for determining one’s ends or notion of well-being, as well as the conduct one chooses to use such resources to attain one’s ends.

When an agent finds a way to act that brings together the value of others’ lives and responsibility for her own, she affirms her dignity and self-respect through the respect accorded the lives of others and she hedgehogw the respect owed to others’ lives through the respect she accords her own life. A successful interpretation of one’s duty to aid another ‘unifies’ the components or conditions of human dignity into a mutually reinforcing whole in a single moral act.

Can we expect one true interpretation of the meaning-cum-value of Hamlet?

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