Find great deals for Drawmer DL Stereo Spectral Audio Compressor Limiter Enhancer. Shop with confidence on eBay!. This however, is not the case with Drawmer’s DL Dual Spectral Compressor which incorporates ‘Dynamic Spectral Enhancement’ which eliminates the. Drawmer DL 2-Channel Spectral Compressor. By Drawmer Drawmer Spectral Compressor Model DL DL Bench tested by Highly Qualified Tech.

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DL – Spectral Compressor.

It is well known that compression, in its basic form, tends to remove high frequencies from any material with a wide bandwidth. This is because material usually has less energy at high frequencies than it does at low frequencies and since single band compressors are not frequency conscious, the ‘highs’ are attenuated together with the ‘lows’.

Using a slow attack time improves drxwmer to some extent, but signals containing many harmonics eg: It is a fact that many engineers who would like to use a compressor in a particular application, avoid doing so because they feel that the ‘sound loses something’. This enhancement circuitry is extremely effective where compression and limiting are employed for broadcast transmission, or across complete mixes in a stereo mixdown situation.


Drawmer DL251 Stereo Spectral Audio Compressor Limiter Enhancer

Facilities available on the DL include: In the SOFT mode the ratio increases gradually over a 10dB input level range until drqwmer reaches the ratio set on the front panel control, thus achieving a more natural sounding compression. Selectable manual or automatic Attack and Release times dramatically extend the application range and user scope of the DL Selecting the ‘Auto’ mode removes the need for manual adjustment and is particularly valuable when the programme being treated does not have predictable or consistent dynamics, such as on complete mixes, vocals or ‘slapped and pulled’ bass guitar.

Under manual control the wide range of adjustment available gives the user the ability to create dynamic effects dll251 well as normal compression. A variable Enhance control can be used to ‘dynamically’ boost any high frequency energy lost during the full band compression process and has sufficient range to add additional ‘Spectral Energy’ to the programme material for creative processing.

When no compression is dgawmer place, the ‘Dynamic Spectral Enhancement’ circuitry is inoperative and so no change is made to the signal. However, as the signal level rises to the point where gain reduction is taking place, the Enhancement system ‘kicks in’ applying dynamic boost which is directly related to the amount of gain reduction taking place.


Drawmer Electronics – DL

A front panel push button with LED status enables the monitoring of any external processing applied to the side chain access connections on the rear panel.

A fully balanced hard wire bypass connects the input directly to the output allowing signal to pass through the unit with no power applied.

In bypass mode the output level bar graph displays the Input signal. When processing stereo signals, linking should be used to prevent image shifting. This facility ties both channels together.

Drawmer DL Stereo Spectral Audio Compressor Limiter Enhancer | eBay

Using channel 1 Left as the master channel removes the need to duplicate control settings for both channels. A rear panel switch allows the selection of ‘Peak’ or ‘Average’ stereo signal detection. DL – Spectral Compressor It is well known that compression, in its basic form, tends to remove high frequencies from any material with a wide bandwidth.

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