Multiple auction winning items can be combined and shipped together to save on total shipping. Combined shipping will be quoted after auctions end. * See my. This is a June , 9th issue of the Cinefex magazine. This issue features the design and effects which went in to creating the classic filmBlade Runner. Welcome to the Blade Runner community. Before posting, please focus your eye on the optic lens in front of you. No need for alarm, this test is.

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The glowing lights of a police spinner illuminate the cover of Cinefex issue 9. The inside front cover features another shot of the iconic spinner, this time one of the full-size practical vehicles used on the set.

This whole issue is dedicated to Blade Runnerwith a single in-depth article spanning 72 pages. One of the chief attractions of a Cinefex reread is the immediacy of the text. When it comes to Blade Runner — a film about which a lot of people have said a lot of things over the years — that immediacy comes into its own.

Revisiting Cinefex (9): Blade Runner

Sometimes this comes through in the little things. Ridley obviously changed his mind. But then detail is what Blade Runner is all about. For example, we learn that the model cityscapes featured tons of etched brass filigree, a technique devised by Tom Cranham to give the impression of almost infinite depth and texture. A similarly exacting approach was applied to the opticals, with countless passes of smoke, rain and moving lines of traffic being layered into the wide shots. Shay describes this distinctly old-school compositing process with more clarity and depth than I can muster in just a few short words here.

Matthew Yuricich has this to say on the subject: And you can end up with some really garish-looking colours. Not that it was even that simple. Then there were all the extra layers of atmosphere and animated effects. Even photographing the paintings was a trial.

Because of the slowness of the duplicating film stock being used, the team had to flood the paintings with light. And I mean flood.


As cimefex as dealing with all these technical trials, Yuricich was also fighting to create imagery that was both beautiful and realistic.

Whatever he did, it worked. I suspect you are too. The explosions featured in the opening scenes were lifted from Zabriskie Point.

Cinefex #9 – BLADE RUNNER – *SIGNED* – Bladerunner – Rutger Hauer Turkell Hong | eBay

One of the model buildings was built round a Sparkletts water bottle; another was a heavily retrofitted Millennium Falcon originally built by Bill George. A quick aside here: Was really such a turning point? The debate still rages today about how too many films are just dumb eye-candy with great effects and no storyline. Memorable though its visual effects are, what actually sticks in the mind is the overall vision of which the effects just a part.

In that respect, Blade Runner marks the coming-of-age of the science fiction film — and the visual effects industry. Cinefex 9 features pictures galore of the Tyrell Pyramid under construction, and various behind-the-scenes shots of model buildings and matte painting breakdowns. My favourite photograph shows an unnamed artisan sticking white tape all over the hero spinner model in preparation for the matte pass the flying vehicles were shot motion-control, but using frontlit matte passes rather than relying on a bluescreen.

For me, the picture sums up the glorious collision of high- and low- technology that defines the entire pre-CGi visual effects industry. So was that opening claim true? Indeed, it found new life when it was reprinted in hardcover by Titan Books under the title Blade Runner: You know you want to. Did you enjoy this Cinefex retrospective? I credit that to Douglas Trumbull and the open-door policy he extend to me during the making of this film.

That unfettered access was essential to my understanding of the work being done there.

He also changed the date. In the script, and throughout the shoot, the story took place in Only when I saw the finished film did I realize that he had bumped it up a year — making my clever I thought title utterly meaningless.

I wonder how many readers scratched their heads over that one. That was tough one to understand and explain. I credit Matt Yuricich and Rocco Gioffre for patiently walking me through the whole methodology.


It was a truly cinefwx process — and a miracle that it worked at all, let alone as well as it did. Thanks again for taking time away from your novel to continue your series.

Cinefex 9. Finally found a digital copy of the Blade Runner issue. : bladerunner

Much appreciated and much enjoyed. The latent image technique stuck in my mind, I think, because of its sheer bravery. The only problem with doing these articles is that, as soon as I start one, I want to watch the movie s all over again. Grear article — great film. Would love to see something in cinefex magazine about the final cut version. I had the great pleasure of meeting Douglas Trumbull at a masterclass held during the Adelaide Film Festival.

He was very gracious. I was thrilled to tell him how much of an impact Silent Running had on me as a third-grader. He is a true visionary in every sense of the word.

I enjoy your blog very much.

It must have been a real treat to meet Doug Trumbull. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using cihefex Facebook account.

Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. The pictures Cinefex 9 features pictures galore of the Tyrell Pyramid under construction, and various behind-the-scenes shots of model buildings and matte painting breakdowns.

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