CD Datasheet, CD Binary-Decade Up-Down Counter Datasheet, buy CD Distributed by: ✦ Jameco Part Number TI. Page 2. Data sheet acquired from Harris Semiconductor. SCHS Page 3. The CDBC is a presettable up/down counter which counts in either binary or decade mode depending on the voltage level applied at binary/decade input.

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I am trying to build a circuit that counts up to 15 or in binary using a ic and 4 LEDs as demonstrated in this video.

I have studied the datasheet, and I still can’t figure out how to wire this up on a breadboard. There seems to be very little information on how to use this ic.

My current problem is that I do not understand what I would need to do with the carry in and carry out pins of the dataxheet make the counter work as stated above.


When I tried to hookup the circuit according to the datasheet my circuit didn’t work as demonstrated in this video.

I redid the entire circuit from scratch, and i am still facing the same problems, so i don’t think it is a simple error that I made. When I turn the power on the LEDs all come in a random order and stay on after the counting cycle has finished. Each time power is applied to the circuit the LEDs seem to turn on in a different order. I was unsure what to do with the carry in and carry out pins so I left them unconnected which may be part of my problem.

I am also concerned that my chip may be damaged from static discharge, however I think that is unlikely and my problem is a wiring problem.

In reading the datasheet I had missed the part about them needing to be at 0 for the circuit to count normally. Thank you for your interest in this question.

Presettable Binary/Decade Up/Down Counter

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CD 데이터시트(PDF) – Intersil Corporation

Here are the steps I took in setting up the circuit: Here is my extremely bad sketch of my circuit: And finally here is a picture of my circuit: What you have tried, what problems you are getting? I connected pin 3 of to pin 7 of pin 7 is the curry out, how can you connect two outputs together!

I think the cause of the problem is that you are “reading” the orientation of the chip placed on the breadboard wrong, in the first video link you have attached pins of are in the purple capacitor side. Pin 3 of goes to pin 15 of It is correct in English to capitalize “I” when referring to yourself.

I have edited your answer accordingly.

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