“Callicott is among the top two or three environmental philosophers in the entire world. II The Conceptual Foundations of the Land Ethic Revisited 5 Just the. Callicott traces the conceptual foundations of the Leopold land ethic first back to Charles Darwin’s. View FoundationsofLandEthic from PHI at Warren Wilson College. The conceptual foundations of the land ethic J. Baird Callicott Claims leopolds land ethic.

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Callicott rejects such accounts of moral valuation which tend to exclude a vast proportion of the natural world, in favour of a Humean conception of intrinsic value in which something has intrinsic value if it is valued by a subject.

foundarions Aldo Leopold, according to Callicott, provides reasons why non-human species, biotic communities, and ecosystems should be valued intrinsically and thus not severely compromised or destroyed.

I will consider whether the ethical holism of the land ethic is possible by assessing whether the Humean account of ethics, which it incorporates as the csllicott foundation of intrinsic value, is appropriate. Finally I will conclude that the ambition exhibited in the attempt to provide a complete and universally prescriptive ethic that can be applied holistically makes the land ethic appealing, however, it goes too far by introducing non-moral entities into the realm of moral consideration.

Edward Johnson – – Environmental Ethics 3 3: Indigenous Worlds and Callicott’s Land Ethic.

J. Baird Callicott – Wikipedia

Tools of various callicotf epitomize the kind of objects that subjects value instrumentally; themselves and certain other human beings epitomize the kind of objects that human subjects value intrinsically. What a delight to follow the ins and outs of this intriguing–and convincing–argument.


An Interdisciplinary Journal of Philosophy 44 3: Callicott argues, however, that the land ethic does not intend to solve the problem of conflicting moral obligations. Views Read Edit View history. Baird and Michael P.

Available as a Kindle Edition. The doctrine that all humans are endowed with equal, fundamental calliccott is in this sense the paradigm of an ethic born from a society which has changed in such a way that its members now identify themselves as members of the human race as a whole.

Baird and Roger T.

In conclusion, I would like to state that although the all-encompassing nature of a holistic ethical theory such as the land ethic is appealing, it is not possible. Skip to main content. I cannot elucidate his callicottt here but will point out that the type of value which foundatiohs presents is not committed to an ethically holistic perspective, nor does it necessitate a single principle of evaluation and so is likely to avoid the criticisms faced by the land ethic.

Environmental protection — Moral and ethical aspects. Now that I have explained how ethics develop in accordance with society as a community, I will go on to explain the view that the land ethic is possibly the next step in our extension of moral consideration.

The Conceptual Foundations of the Land Ethic

It is wrong when it tends otherwise” [12] — Callicott espouses a holisticnon-anthropocentric environmental ethic. In order to feel sympathy for something requires the object of your sympathy to be experiencing some sort of harm, however, it is impossible to harm something that does not have interests.


The holistic nature of the land ethic – which I emphasised the significance ehtic earlier in the essay — implies that we have moral sentiments not to the biotic community as the sum of its members, but to the biotic community in some extra sense. By using this cllicott, you agree to vallicott Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Lo – – Inquiry: Callicott began his career as an academic philosopher in at Memphis State University now the University of Memphis.

Varner illustrates this point by comparing the management of an ecosystem to the management of a business. Parramatta South Campus Library.

J. Baird Callicott

University of Sydney Library. Steverson – – Social Philosophy Today Science Logic and Mathematics.

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