Overload, Description. Export(String,OutputRange,Boolean), Exports the document to a disk file. Export(String,Boolean), Exports the document to a disk file. C1PrintDocument’s native C1DB format ExportProvider. Class, C1dExporter, Represents an object that can be used to export a document to C1D format. Class. Represents a ComponentOne Document. Represents a document that can be previewed, printed or exported to an external format.

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The following tables list the members exposed by C1PrintDocument. Pixelthis is also the resolution of ResolvedUnit pixels. Note that this property is only c1printdocumemt during document generation, at other times null is returned. The default value is UnitTypeEnum. This collection is populated automaticallly when the document generates, depending on c1priintdocument value of the FontHandling property on the document. If FontHandling property on the document has been set to FontHandling.

EmbedActualFontsthis collection is populated automatically when the document generates. Otherwise, this collection c1prinfdocument not populated automatically. But you can add fonts to this collection in code, so that just the added fonts will be embedded in the document. Note that in that case you must also explicitly specify the glyphs to include by calling the EmbeddedFont.

AddGlyphs method or any of its overloads. The default value is FormsStyleEnum. For example, if the document has a page footer or header that includes the total page count of the kind “Page X of Y”this property gets false while new pages are being added, but true when adding new pages is over and the total page count is being updated on the rendered pages.

If the document is currently not generating see IsGeneratinggets true. This property is only taken into account when the document is created using the Generate method.

ComponentOne / ComponentOne Studio Forum

This script should be used only to c1prinhdocument the page layout. Do not use this script to change the page content, as it may c1pringdocument errors. This property cannot be changed when the document is generating i. The default value is StackingRulesEnum. Show All Members C1printdocumdnt Filtered Include Inherited Members.

AcceptButton property set to true. ActualCreationDevice Gets the actual measurement device which was used to generate exxport document. Printer but the current system c1printdocumdnt no printers installed. ActualCreationPrinterName Gets the name of the actual measurement printer which was used to generate the document.

This can differ from the name specified by CreationPrinterNamefor example if the report was rendered on a system with no such printer. AddWarningsWhenErrorInScript Gets or sets a value indicating whether to add messages to the current document’s Warnings collection when script errors are found. The default value is false. AllowNonReflowableDocs Gets or sets a value indicating whether methods can be called on the current document that would result in the document becoming non-reflowable such as NewPage.

Ho this property is false, calling such methods throws an exception. If this property is true, calling such methods sets the Reflowable flag to false on the current document.


AutoEmbedFonts This property is obsolete. Gets or sets a value indicating whether the EmbeddedFonts collection will be automatically filled with fonts used in the document during document generation. AvailableBlockFlowHeight An amount of available vertical space in the block flow in the currently generating page area, value specified in the ResolvedUnit units.

Returns -1 if document in not generating state. AvailableBlockFlowWidth An amount of available horizontal space in the block flow in the currently generating page area, value specified in the ResolvedUnit units. Body Gets the DocumentBody object representing the body of the current document. BuildSerializerLog Gets or sets a value indicating whether a log should be built during serialization and deserialization operations. If an exception occurs, that log is available in tl exception data.

Set this property to true to help debugging obscure serialization errors. BusyState Gets the current busy state of the current document. Cancel Gets or sets a value indicating whether to cancel the generation of the current document. Note that t property is useful only if DoEvents is set to true. ClipPage Gets or sets a value indicating whether to clip the content of the current document to page margins.

Container Inherited from System. Component CreationDevice Gets or sets the type of device that is used to provide reference graphics when generating the document.

How To: Export Multiple C1TrueDbGrids to a Single PDF

If this property is set to MeasurementDeviceEnum. PrinterCreationPrinterName specifies the printer. CreationGraphics Gets or sets the System.

Graphics object to use as reference when generating the report. This Graphics is used to calculate text sizes, measure RTF text, and so on. CreationMode Gets the document expport mode.

CreationPrinterName Gets or sets the name of the printer that is used to provide reference graphics when generating the document. Set this property to null to select the reference printer automatically. CurrentPage Gets the current generating page, returns null if document in not generating state. CurrentPageArea Gets the current generating area of page, returns null if document in not generating c1printdocumnet. CurrentPageLayout Gets the effective layout for the current page.

That layout is automatically built on the c1peintdocument by merging all applicable layouts defined for the current document in PageLayouts. You may change the properties on CurrentPageLayout programmatically.

C1PrintDocument Class

The changes will be effective immediately if they are made in the PageConfigure event handler, otherwise they will take effect for the next added page. DataSchema Gets the C1. C1DataSchema object representing the data schema built into the current document. DefaultUnit Gets or sets the default unit of measurement for the current document. This unit is used when sizes or coordinates of objects within the document are set without specifying the unit of measurement explicitly.

Dictionary Gets the current document’s Dictionary. The Dictionary can be used to contain exporr resources e. DisableUserReflow Gets or sets a value indicating whether the end user should be prevented from reflowing the document with different page settings.


This property is only a hint to the document viewer. The default value is false i. Document Gets a System. Exporh object that can be used to render the current document into a standard print preview control.

Not needed and not recommended if you’re using ComponentOne preview controls. DocumentEndedScript Gets or sets the script that is executed when the current document has finished generating.

C1PrintDocument Class Members

DocumentFileName Gets the file name associated with the current document i. DocumentFonts Gets the collection of DocumentFont objects describing fonts used in the current document. DocumentFormatVersion Gets a string representing the version of the document persistence format supported by the current assembly.

This version is used to check persisted documents’ compatibility. Versions are backwards-compatible, but not vice versa i. DocumentInfo Gets or sets the DocumentInfo object containing the information about the current document such as author, company, and so c1pritndocument. DocumentStartingScript Gets or sets the script that is executed when the current c1printdoxument starts generating. DoEvents Gets or sets a value c1printdoxument whether the current C1PrintDocument should handle Windows messages while generating.

EmbeddedFonts Gets the collection of fonts embedded in the current document. EmfType Gets or sets the type of metafiles created by the current document. The default is System.

None if there are no warnings. Now gets the description of the first element in the Warnings collection, or an empty string if there are expott warnings. ErrorScript Gets or sets the script that is executed when an error occurs in a script attached to the current document. ExportProviders Gets the collection of all registered C1. FontHandling Gets or sets a value specifying how font embedding and substitution are handled by the current C1PrintDocument.

This property is simply a shortcut to FontProcessingOptions. FontProcessingOptions Gets the FontProcessingOptions object which determines how font subtitution and embedding are handled when the document generates. FormatVersion Gets a C1FormatVersion object representing the version of the document persistence format supported by the current assembly. C1PreviewPane control which is viewing the current document.

FormsStyle Gets or sxport a FormsStyleEnum value specifying the look and feel of input controls cc1printdocument the current document see types derived from RenderInputBase. If the document is currently not generating, gets 1. HasGenerateDocumentHandler Gets the value indicating whether a handler is attached to the GenerateDocument event of the current document. IsGenerating Indicates whether the document is currently being generated.

IsPageCountFinal Gets a value indicating whether all pages have been c1rpintdocument to the document being generated. MaxPages Gets or sets the value limiting the maximum number of pages in the generated document.

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