Tube BY or Röhre BY ID, Solid-State-Diode, Wires and Power- supply shown. Radio tubes are valves. BY from American Microsemiconductor, Inc.. Find the PDF Datasheet, Specifications and Distributor Information. Description: Rectifier Diode. Download. Semiconductors, trsansistors, diodes, IC’s BY/ NTE Equvilent NTE RECTIFIER SILICON V PRV IF=2A DO CASE NTE Data Sheet.

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This embodiment of the present invention also includes a system for remotely managing and controlling utility consumption, and vatasheet a Remote Meter Processor or RMP located at the customer site for automatically monitoring and accumulating utility usage data, a Store Forward Site or SFS at a location remote from the utility customer site and the utility company for accumulating the utility usage data for later access by the utility company and a consumer interconnection medium or CIM connected to a wide band link for automatically transmitting the utility usage data to the SFS.

Year of fee payment: The data files may then be transmitted to the utility for further processing by the utility e. These same enable signals supplied to the mixer also cause the switch to connect the transmission network to the antenna Rather, alternatively, if the device is datahseet in ways apparent to those skilled in the art, the controller may comprise a digitally programmable attenuator device that adjusts the power level of the control signals supplied to the amplifier based upon digital program signals supplied thereto by the microcontroller In practice, this system of meter reading is extremely costly and time consuming, because the utility company must pay the meter readers for the time spent traveling to and from customer sites and reading the meters.

Preferably, decoder accomplishes this by processing the respective portions of image data using computer image processing techniques, including optical character recognition techniques to extract, from the respective portions of image data, data indicative of the respective visual representations of the respective data indicative of measurement of the respective phenomena being monitored by the respective meters, and thereafter, to generate therefrom the respective numeric data indicative of measurement of respective phenomena being monitored by the respective meters.

Thus, when the control signals supplied to the switch by the controller causes the switch not to permit flow of power from the source through the switchthe Darasheet device is powered-down i. If such prescheduled read is not dilde, after synchronizing its internal meter read schedule with those of the optical imaging devices under its command i.

This datasheet contains preliminary data, and supplementary data will be published at a later date.


Transmission network processes digital, spread spectrum baseband encoded signals transmitted from the processor to the network Thus, the frequency of the pulses generated by the first counter is equal to the frequency of the clock signals divided by the number of bits of the first counter.

Transformer is used to provide differential drive for transmit in order to increase common mode rejection to the network interface.

BY/ NTE Equivalent NTE RECTIFIER SILICON – Wholesale Electronics

RMP 12 is capable of reading gas meter 10 A, electric meter 10 B, and water meter diiode C irrespective of the type of metering technology being used. Amplifier preferably is comprised within a Motorola MCD chip, and outputs amplified spread spectrum signals to image filter Accordingly, the present invention should be viewed broadly, as being limited only as set forth in the hereinafter appended Claims. Variable power controller preferably comprises a user i.

Meter pulses are accumulated by and stored in a register 87 located on FPGA Converter then converts the requested record files to the form appropriate for transmission over the networkand transmits the converted record files to the interface server datxsheet For example, decoder may comprise a plurality of computer software modules e.

If such commands are determined by the microprocessor to be present in the data stream supplied to the microprocessor from the controllermicrocontroller generates control signals causing switch to power-up optical scanning systemand also for causing optical scanning system to generate the image data representative of the meter face fatasheet to transmit such image data to the microcontrollerin the manner described more fully below.

Also alternatively, as shown in FIG. As will be explained more fully below, device is a simplex type of transceiver, and is designed such that the antenna which preferably is designed to be primarily resonant at the central frequency of the spread spectrum signals intended to be transmitted and received by the devicei.

Rather, many alternatives, modifications, and variations thereof will be apparent to those skilled in the art. The level shifters,respectively, comprise conventional circuitry for converting the respective voltage levels of the control signals generated by the micro-controller for appropriately controlling the anti-bluming, image area, and serial register gates, respectively, of the sensor to those respective voltage levels appropriate for input said gates.

The system 1 is set up such that RMP 12 will transmit data from each customer premises 5 periodically, usually once during the particular utility company’s billing cycle, to SFS A system according to claim 9wherein said transmission amplifier network is also adapted to have a controllable output gain selectable based upon strength of said select signal when said select signal is in said condition indicative of transmission mode.


This embodiment is also capable of detecting leaks and tampering at the customer site, is completely independent of the type of meter technology used at the customer premises, and further does not rely upon a specific communication medium for transmitting the data to the storage facility.

Level converter comprises a conventional Linear Technologies LT voltage pump and associated circuitry for converting the voltage level of power signals supplied to converter from switch when switch permits such supply from a 3. Microcontroller is programmed via appropriate program code contained in the program memory to determine based upon the age of the aforesaid electronic components, and the drift in tuning calibration expected to result therefrom stored in the memory look-up table to command the controller to adjust the spread spectrum transmission and reception frequencies to which the device is tuned by controlling the synthesizer to generate feedback control signals which appropriately adjust the frequency of the signals output by the VCO, in order to ensure that the RF device is in fact tuned to transmit and receive at the aforesaid nominal spread spectrum frequencies to which it is desired to be set.

Transmit amplifier e.

BY126 Datasheet PDF – Bharat Electronics

The frequency of the pulses generated by the second counter is equal to the frequency of the output signal from the VCO divided by the number of bits of the second counter. What is claimed is: Output connections of the electric meter 10 B are connected to shunt lines A and B through connectors A and B, which in turn are connected to the customer premises 5 through power input connections using connectors A and B.

General purpose plastic rectifier 1n thru 1n vishay general semiconductor features. Automatic meter reading system and method for transmitting meter reading data in the same. This insures uninterrupted access to dataxheet telephone line diods the resident of emergency and other calls.

diiode These fuses adtasheet withstand transient surge currents generated by lighting in accordance with the attached table. When the utility company wishes to make a demand read, as has been previously described, the utility company computer 28 initiates a call which addresses RMP 12 and the particular meter 10 A, 10 B or 10 C to be read.

Trimming is realized by connecting an external. Method and system for monitoring and transmitting utility status via universal communications interface. Secure and authenticated delivery of data from an automated meter reading system. Try Findchips PRO for diode bel by

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