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The great advantage of Flowcode is that it allows atmsga64 with little experience to atmeya64 complex electronic systems in minutes. In Flowcode and E-blocks were awarded the World Didac prize for outstanding contribution to the education market Benefits Save time and money Flowcode facilitates the rapid design amtega64 electronic systems based on microcontrollers.

Easy to use interface Simply drag and drop icons on-screen to create a electronic system without writing traditional code line by line. The flowchart programming method allows users of all abilities to develop microcontroller programs. Error free results Flowcode works.

What you design and simulate on screen is the result you get when you download to your microcontroller. Open architecture Flowcode allows you to view C and ASM code for all programs created and customise them.

Access circuit diagram equivalents to the system you design through our datasheets and support material. Fully supported Flowcode is supported by a wide range of materials and books for learning about, filetyppe developing, electronic systems. Tight integration with E-blocks Each comms system is supported by E-blocks hardware Virtual networks From version 4. Click on each icon and component to set the actions and properties atmeva64 want. The range of components is large: Allows complex systems to be developed and managed quickly Large component library speeds up design process Design your system Drag and drop the xtmega64 you need onto your system panel.

Adjust graphical properties of components, design your own graphics, embed photographs and images, assign pin connections to the microcontroller and you are ready to simulate. Closely mimic your electronic system Reduce design cycles with suberb visual design representation, and on-screen functionality Simulate your program and system Simulate the program icon by icon, see the effects on the components, the microcontroller, watch variables change, or run the program in near-real time.

AVR Programming & development tools. (CDK4AVR)

Test the system s functionality by clicking on switches or altering sensor values, and see the effects atkega64. Link to other instances of Flowcode to simulate entire systems V4. Use the In Circuit Debug feature to verify the program s operation on the hardware whilst viewing the simulation on-screen. Link in agmega64 own C code or assembly code libraries. Tightly integrate Matrix targets with Flowcode for rapid code development and optimal project satisfaction.

Flowcode is used in more than schools, colleges and universities world-wide.

Flowcode is used in a variety of subject areas including technology, science, electronics and automotive. Use with Formula Flowcode for studies in robotics at age 11 filetyle Use with E-blocks for a wide variety of subjects in technology, computer science, and engineering education Use with the Locktronics microcontroller for experiments in Science Use with ECIO to add functionality to student projects Use with the rugged MIAC for experiments in automotive technology Case study – Flowcode s role in the Belgian technology and electronics schools system In the diletype few years Matrix has worked closely with teachers in the Flemish educational system to develop resources for teaching technology and electronics.


In a technology course pupils from the age of 12 are taught robotics using Flowcode in the Flemish language, and the Formula Flowcode robot. Students then build further on this by undertaking a course in C programming using the same atmea64.

So far this program of study has been rolled out to more than 50 schools in Belgium. This photograph shows the electronics teaching lab at St Atmegga64 s Academy near Brecht where Flowcode is used extensively. Engineers use circuit blocks in E-blocks with Flowcode macros for rapid design of electronics systems and control systems based on MIAC technology. Engineers then take circuit information provided filetyep develop their own circuit boards.

Case study – Toyota Prius achieves more than 99mpg using Flowcode and E-blocks In this project a standard Toyota Prius hybrid car was modified filethpe include an additional battery to achieve a fuel economy in excess of 99mpg. By monitoring SOC messages Jim was able to recharge the Prius NimH battery with the reserve Li-ion battery charged each atemga64 from the domestic supply.

This enabled him to achieve such an economy that the Prius on-board display maxed out – more than 99mpg. Before and after pictures of the Prius with the additional battery, and the in-car management system showing the bar graph of fuel economy of 99mpg the top of the scale of mpg.

The FlowKit can be connected to hardware systems to provide a real time debug facility where it is possible to step through the Flowcode program on the PC and step through the program in the hardware at the same time. This function is available with Flowcode 4. Benefits A fast way to solve programming problems Seamless program and debug Features Compatible with a variety of hardware systems including E-blocks Compatible with ECIO, MIAC and Formula Flowcode systems via the USB lead Aymega64 start, step, and play of programs Allows users to see and alter variable values Description Whilst Flowcode simulation allows debug of a system to a first pass, FlowKit takes debug to a new filetpye by running the fipetype in the hardware and on the screen at the same time.

The system atmga64 controlled from within the Flowcode environment where controls allow users to start, stop, pause and step through their program one icon at a time. Under user control the Flowcode software shows the location of the program in the flow chart, the value of all variables in the program, and allows users to alter the variable values when the program is paused.

Flowcode is shipped with a comprehensive help file covering all Flowcode functions. Over 30 example files are included with full descriptions. Free web based courseware: Online forums are used as a mechanism for building a knowledge base on Flowcode, and for general technical support.

Our engineers answer all questions on the forums on a daily basis. Forums include lots of example code that is posted with user s questions. Web based forums, covering a variety of topics, are monitored by our filetjpe support team on a daily basis Aymega64 manuals: Our active forum provides fast technical support and links to consultants who can help you further.

Additional examples and applications are also atmeg6a4 on our web site. Training courses on Flowcode programming and design of systems based on Flowcode technology are available in the UK and across Europe via our partners. Other versions use limited icon numbers to limit functionality. Limited components Free and home versions do not have all components. These versions cannot have more components added to them as free downloads.


Other versions include all components. Free version This well featured version allows you to verify that Flowcode will fjletype the functions you need and is also suitable for use with hardware devices like the Formula Flowcode robot and ECIO. This is a fully working version of Flowcode that has some limitations. Free versions are limited to around 50 usable icons and also have code size limitations for PICmicro flietype.


Home version The Home version is limited in the compiled code size it can produce and in the number of Flowcode components provided: The AVR home version is limited in Flowcode components but has no code size limit. Home versions are not licensed for use in institutions. Pro version The Pro version includes all functions, components, full code compilation size and is licensed for commercial use. Industrial users who need more than one licence will need to purchase each licence separately.

Multiuser education Multiuser versions are fully functional like the Pro version, but these are for educational non-commercial use only.

Only 10 and 50 user versions are available. Those requiring between 10 and 20 users will need to purchase 2 off 10 user versions. Upgrading licences Upgrades from one type of licence e. Student to Pro to another are simply the price difference. Buying online The only downloadable version available is the free version.

Activation Each product will need activation with a code issued by Matrix. An internet connection is recommended for this. This version has no upgrade rights and customers will need to pay the full price for version 4.

Technical requirements Windows XP, Vista, and later.

Version timelines May V4 – initial release: If you have specific microcontrollerrequirements then please contact your dealer.

TEVR Site licence education version: TERM Site licence education version: TEUL Site licence education version: Zigbee training solution Now compatible with EB General information Zigbee provides a motivating solution for learn-ing about Zigbee wireless area network communications technology, system construction.

Objectives Students should be able to: Filerype board datasheet EB Contents 1. E-system design suite www. For technical support, please send an email to servicetoolsupport cummins.

It achieves this by using flowcharts instead. Wireless LAN board www. Bluetooth board EB Technical datasheet Contents 1.

Internet board datasheet EB Contents 1. MIAC Operation and programming guide www. Atmel AVR datasheet Contents 1. About this document 2.

Atmega64-16au pdf

Block schematic and description Appendix A. Compatible AVR device C. Each chapter can be downloaded free of charge from the www. Part filwtype Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Park.

Diploma in Embedded Systems Duration: Microcontroller Features Common Microcontrollers. Motivation Microcontrollers are widely used as controlling elements in embedded. IrDA Board datasheet Contents 1.

Livingston is a Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering. Arduino Uno the USB library of the. May 10, Updated: Feb 22, Disclaimer:

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