Modular system of bi-protected multiwall polycarbonate for translucent roofing applications. arcoPlus® reversò is a modular system of coextruded six-wall. arcoPlus Gallina USA, LLC. Capital Circle. Janesville, WI Installation Manual with Arched. Aluminum. Modular system of bi-protected multiwall polycarbonate for translucent roofing applications. arcoPlus® reversò and.

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Visit Our Other Sites: The 6 walls design with snap-on connection to open joint tubes gives the panel remarkable flexural strength.

arcoPlus® Reverso 626

It is suitable for vertical curtain walls and large areas of self-supporting roofing without the use of section-breaker profiles. The metal reinforcement frames guarantee the load capacity of the entire system, while the polycarbonate staves create a continuous curtain walling effect. Special adjustable supports guarantee a complete seal.


Different types of reinforcement frames are available to guarantee the required load and wind resistance properties according to the relative load capacity values and conditions of use.

Insertion of panels by pressing onto supporting profiles and special side supports.

Detail of insertion of section-breaker profile to complete roofing. The air cells of the panels must be sealed using a specific polycarbonate profile or vented aluminium breather tape.

Gallina has been manufacturing and extruding polycarbonate and plastic profiles, sheets and building panels for over 50 years. We offer some basic support in our FAQ section for commonly experienced issues. Please click here to visit this guide. For Information or Questions Send an email to info gallinausa.

Click here to see this product in our brochure.

Technical Features Thermal insulation — 1. Contact Gallina for copies of test results. This allows correct ventilation and prevents soiling on the inside.

Gallina USA* | Spec- arcoPlus – Gallina USA*

Now available now with these glazing options. Polycarbonate Products x Reverso Reverso Reverso Corrugated Multiwall Polycarb. Trouble Viewing Our Site?


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