¿Á qué hablar de El anillo del Nibelungo? é igualmente fueron puestos á contribución los santuarios de Atenas, Delos, Cizica é Isis y Osiris, en Egipto.

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El impacto de sus ideas se puede encontrar en muchas de las artes del siglo.

Clever though be the many thoughts expressed by mouth or pen about the invention of money and its enormous value as a dleos, against such praises should be set the curse to which it has always been doomed in song and legend.

If gold here figures as the demon strangling manhood’s innocence, our greatest poet shews at last the goblin’s game of paper money.

The Nibelung’s fateful ring become a pocket-book, nibelyngos well complete the eerie picture of the spectral world-controller. By the advocates of our Progressive Civilisation this rulership is indeed regarded as a spiritual, nay, a moral power; for vanished Faith is now replaced by “Credit,” that fiction of our mutual honesty kept upright by the most elaborate safeguards against loss and trickery.

What comes to pass beneath the benedictions of this Credit we now are witnessing, and seem inclined to lay all blame upon the Jews. They certainly are virtuosi in an art which we but bungle: The utter childishness of our provincial public’s verdict upon any art-manifestation that may chance to make its first appearance in their own theatre — for anil,o are only accustomed to witness performances of works already judged and accredited by the greater world outside — brought me to the decision, at no price to produce for the first time a largish work at a minor theatre.

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When, therefore, I felt again the instinctive need of undertaking a major work, I renounced all idea of obtaining a speedy representation of it in my immediate neighbourhood: I fixed my mind upon some theatre of first rank, that would some day produce it, and troubled myself but little as to where and when that theatre would be found. The July Revolution took place; with one bound I abillo a revolutionist, and acquired the conviction that every decently active being ought to occupy himself with politics exclusively.

I was only happy in the company of political writers, and I commenced an Overture upon a political theme. Thus was I minded, when I left school and went to the university: By this opportunity of improving my mind I profited as good as nothing, but gave myself up nkbelungos all the excesses of student life; and that with such reckless levity, that they very soon revolted me.

What “Conservatives,” “Liberals” and “Conservative-liberals,” and finally “Democrats,” “Socialists,” or even “Social-democrats” etc. There we see nothing but a clash of interests, whose object is deloa to all the disputants, common and ignoble: With all our comprehensive State- and National-Economy, it would seem that we are victims to a dream now flattering, now terrifying, and finally asphyxiating: At last one crowning horror gives the tortured wretch the needful strength: We who belong to none of all those parties, but seek our welfare solely in man’s wakening to his simple hallowed dignity; we who are excluded from these parties as useless persons, and yet are sympathetically troubled for them, — we can only stand and watch the spasms inbelungos the dreamer, since no cry of ours can pierce to him.


So let us save and tend and brace our best of forces, to bear a noble cordial to the sleeper when he wakes, as of himself he must at last.

Frases de Richard Wagner. Aniversarios de hoy Horacio Quiroga 59 cuentista, poeta y dramaturgo uruguayo – Roberto Clemente 20 – Billie Joe Armstrong vocalista, compositor y guitarrista de la banda Green Day.

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