AFI 22-102 PDF

Funny That was my nickname back at Langley.. “Air Force Of One” Or “you can take Marc out of the Army, but you’ll never get the Army out of. Wall-to-Wall counseling has been around longer than the American military. Many famed units used it as their primary motivational tool, and. supersedes afi pages: 11part ii incident report e. injury – redonkulas – routine uses: for subordinate leader development iaw fm leaders & whiners.

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Shrine of the Mall Ninja That’s hilarious! Feb 11, I am just a mildly perturbed old man with a couple of DD- whatchamacallits and a few innocent boom sticks. Move along, you young whipper snappers, nuthin to see here.

I could only handle a couple of pages of this I hope that guy doesn’t run with scissors. There are two schools of thought One, Gecko really WAS that tactitarded and gearqueer, fai other that he was pulling an elaborate troll and had one hell of a windup.


Either seems equally plausible, especially back in the era when Gunkid was terrorizing the gun-net Caveman JimAafi and mkwerx like this. When your plan includes taking multiple.

And just in case no one knows gunkid or wants a reminder Caveman JimFlymph and Diamondback like this. Reality is that most of us just stood the watch. Nothing happened on our watch, we filled out the passdown log, and then did it again the next day.

How to Get a Blank Stare from a Mall Ninja

And although we don’t have the stories to tell, we could have, ai were there, but nothing happened. But we were there, and we stood the watch. And on duty, you’re prepared.

And if you’re lucky you get some bitter, lukewarm coffee to remind you of the woman you’ve left waiting. Feb 12, Eight years and never heard a shot fired in anger. Caveman Jim likes this.

Caveman JimDiamondback and Capn Jack like this. We put on fire power demos.



ai Ran a hot jet cal. Wife says, I don’t hear much of anything now. Wow, way to muzzlesweep everyone including yourself Wolf and Flymph like this. Eight years for me and four combat tours A few shots fired in anger It does tend to shape my thinking Brutus57 and Flymph like this.

AFI 22-102, Wall to Wall Counseling

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