Aavarana: The Veil | S.L. Bhyrappa. Blind faith. Let’s get this out of the way: Aavarana: The Veil is more an ideological treatise than classic. Aavarana: The Veil by S. L. Bhyrappa is a story of a free-spirited and rebellious young woman, Lakshmi, who marries the man she is deeply in love with. Amir. Aavarana – The Veil has ratings and reviews. Sravya said: The author does not shy away from controversy. But what’s incredible is that he gives.

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ಆವರಣ [Aavarana] by S.L. Bhyrappa

If you look from a right wingers view this will get you filled with a lot of rage but look aavaranz it from a liberal point of view it exposes the bluff of historians hiding a lot of truth in Indian history books.

It is a resource, most of all, for thd intelligently. The theme is ‘What is wrong with Indian type of Secularism? Bhyrappa for giving us such a well-researched, well-versed novel on a sensitive and controversial subject like this, where one cannot argue with the context of the novel because of the real bibliographical facts provided at the end of the book. Brilliant Book from S. But one could never be sure what happens in future hte this book in a land that has forsaken the likes of Rushdie.

This is a courageous book, written with the firm grasp of the subject.

ಆವರಣ [Aavarana]

Why it has to be cleared? While reading Avarana I had so many questions going inside my head.

You will have to aavaranz harsh criticism, endure tough and at times rogue comments, will have to take comments like anti-national, communal, partisan and all in your stride. Though major portion of the story involves history, t Why would anyone write aavarqna book like this?


Retrieved 22 June vsil It is because you know why? According to the author, the book is the result of his search for true history.

Aav The act of concealing truth in Sanskrit is called “Aavarana” while the act of projecting lies thee known as “vikshepa”. The Indian history has been a victim of vandalism by Leftist historians right from the time of India’s Independence from the British. What she sees in Hampi disturbs her, little does she know that these were the first ripples of the ocean she is about to cross.

Like most of Bhyrappa’s novels, Aavarana too generated tremendous debate and discussion. Her research finds expression in a novel-within-a-novel, in which a handsome Rajput prince is captured, converted, sodomized and eventually castrated by Muslim invaders — nothing understated about the allegory there — before reuniting, improbably, with his wife and children, after bearing witness to the Aurangzeb-ordered destruction of the Kashi Vishwanath temple.

Thanks for telling us about the problem.

There is a layered story telling, present times and Mughal era. As for the left wing — ignorance has never helped anybody said marx and the new India is all set to follow your leader on that note, after all the Indian DNA can never resist a good argument.

Kudos to Sandeep for the translation as many people like me get to read this work. Ingredients for Main Dish: Lists with This Book.

Lakshmi I choose to call her this, because this is the name she seems to identify with most is an honest, admirable character, but at times she seems like a mere prop or mouthpiece for the politics of the author; Amir is, likewise, a mouthpiece for the agendas that the author opposes.

Book is amazing in providing references, to historical wavarana used, at the end. Oct 28, Shivaswaroop HP rated it it was amazing. Supporting bibliography for vil the views expressed.


At best, vell study of history should aabarana us to honestly, dispassionately understand the rights and wrongs of people we regard as our ancestors and use those lessons to shape our present and future. I read Sandeep Balakrishnan’s English translation of this Kannada novel. A thorough reasearch by SLB on India’s brief period of history.

Byrappa have lot of rivals in kannada literature. Then he proves that all he is saying is not a cock and bull story, he actually provides proofs from the books written by the Mughal historians.

One of the negative aspect of the book is, the unnecessary usage of sanskrit words, simple Kannada words could have made the readers live much easier. Refresh and try again. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Personally, i liked the preface or the introduction by SLB at tge start of this book more than the novel itself. Her quest leads her to the many parallels in the narratives between the past and aavaran present and she gradually finds that though much has changed in Indian society over the centuries, much remains the same.

Well, if you think that these historians are being criticised unjustly, just have a look at history text books of ours. One of the best of S.

I already knew a lot of the things which S. Excellent story and Narration.

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