only a few shortages, it is better to use a blank DA Form If there are a lot of shortages, use. the preprinted version. When a blank DA Form is used. TM HR MODEL USED ON CODE WPES-1 EAS k. * (column c). The Accounting Requirements Code (ARC) is provided here. One of the. DA Form , Hand Receipt and Annex. Other Versions: Click here to download DA format DA MS Word. Click here to download DA

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Posted on Mar 12, Does a DA expire after a specific amount of time has passed? SFC Join to see. I have always been under the impession that a DA does not expire until end items change or are turned in.

I recently encountered a soldier that has informed me that a DA only lasts for 30 days. Is there any truth to this?


Posted in these groups: DA is generally considered to be good for 6 months. If you are issuing out a piece of equipment to someone for longer than that you need a DA Form SSG Join to see 5 y. PBUSE automatically generates a when you switch equipment from hand receipt to hand reciept, whether or not it is printed off and maintained as a change document is on your Supply SGT Join to see 2 y.


I’m looking for a form to do much the same thing. My PBO has okayed the use of the DA to issue laptops and such, but I was hoping to find a better suited form for this. The reason to use the DA is there is a digital version that allows the electronic signature. Is there a better way? SGT Join to see – A DA is a property transaction and will permanently move the property to another hand receipt, it’s called a lateral transfer.

If the property is to stay on your hand receipt but just be loaned on temporary basis a should suffice. SSG Join to see – There is the problem with your statement, moving from hand receipt to hand receipt i.

When the property remains on your hand receipt but is just loaned out to someone temporarily a is ideal. This all takes place at the hand receipt holder level, not supply or higher, to allow for temporary transfer of property without the onerous task of doing a complete inventory and resigning you master hand receipt.

Could you honestly imagine doing a lateral transfer for everything?

Again I fall back on the S6 example, someone needs radios for a range, well lets go to supply, get the radios moved from my hand receipt to yours, oh wait, now you have to sign you hand receipt all over again. Well you are done with the range, lets go back to supply and do it all again in reverse. Doesn’t nanex much shorfage does it? DA is good for 6 months a DA is only good for 1 month unless this is used as an issuing document.


Does a DA 2062 expire after a specific amount of time has passed?

To which the item is moved onto a sub hand receipt, the DA remains on file until the hand receipt is signed. My suggestion is keep all records with the DA for 7 years attached to the Sub Hand receipt holders sgned document! Do you have a reference? The DA can be sed to reissue to an sohrtage the same equipment or when there’s a change! SSG Join to see.

da form –

Posted 6 mo hsortage. The Da is used for 30 days or less, or if used to LT a piece of equipment to anyone, it’s the main form that will be kept by all parties to ensure responsibility for equipment.

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